Bead Hoard Hop

Well...when they announced a BEAD HOARD blog hop I knew I had to be included.  Thank you Lori McDaniel Anderson who is hosting this hop.  Peruse here on my blog and when you finish click on the BLOG HOP BUTTON at left which will take you to a page with all the hop participants. Then just click and drool.  It's that easy!  Reserve yourself some time, because oh what eye candy is to be had.   I'm thinking it's a fun and great way to bead and use up some of my stuff..I just needed that extra push...Oh am I having fun!!   OK, first hoard...... I have had these PEANUT BEADS for a while now, collecting every color until I decided what to do with them. I'm not sure how many colors they make, but I have at least thirty of them, hence the BEAD hoard of peanuts.  I just love looking at them in their little containers but I guess it's about time I made something with them instead of admiring my hoard.   My muse finally whacked me upside the head and I started making a ton of these ropes.  They work up quick and easy and It's the beginning of my love affair with peanuts.. :o) I've only pictured two colors...but trust me I've made many colors in long, short, doubled....etc...they are addicting! In case you don't know what peanut beads are,  they are one of the newest beads designers are loving.....they have one hole in the center of a peanut shaped disk.  It's just slightly dented in the middle like a peanut :o) This gives way to so many possibilities in the jewelry design areas.  Love Them!

I'm adding a pic of a peanut bead...please note that this is magnified about 100 times
These beads are very small, peanut shaped and have a hole in the center.

My other hoard is SWAROVSKI PEARLS and the delicious SUPER DUO beads...I am currently in a mad rush to make everything I can with super duos...they are sooo easy to work with.  Here's just a little something of a pendant I designed for my bead mix ropes which you will see pictured below...Let's hear it for Hoards!

Speaking of HOARDS.....and in the continuing spirit of "Hoardum".....It all began with a few BEAD MIXES I had,  I don't use mixes a whole lot, but I buy them! Unless I am doing a freeform something I just don't use mixes.  I buy them because they are pretty and one day I'll use know how that goes. I am a bead hoarder, remember?   I thought a nice rope in variegated colors would be fun for this rope design too.  I created a brand new beaded bead design which I call my Treasure Bead and they are perfect to hang from these ropes.  I just matched up the colors and hung from the ropes in the center.   It's a simple right angle weave technique that is addictive! :o)   They are so dainty and looooooooong.  They are at least 72 inches around and they started out as just simple necklaces I could slip over my head in pairs or threesomes. They are fun to wrap around my wrist a few times too for a colorful arm candy look.    A toggle or clasp is too heavy for these because of how light they are.   I doubled this loooooong rope and wrapped it around the neck using the treasure bead as the anchor.  A lobster claw or toggle just seem to heavy for the size 11 rope.

my new beaded bead and rope design

Ok...onward and into the size 8 seed beads......I have a sinful amount, I mean sinful amount of size 8 seed beads.  At one time for whatever reason I needed them..had to have every color.....and geesh I don't know how many colors I have, but I could make a crazy amount of stuff with them if I got off my rear and just did it...but Thank the Lord for Shelley Nybakke and her bangle pattern!! It is made with size 8's.  I came across this old pattern from beadwork and it's perfect for a BEAD HOARDER with tons of size 8's.  Instead of doubling up on them as in her original pattern, I made colorful single bangles which work just as nice.  Three in coordinating colors look just FAB stacked on the wrist.    I'm in the process of making more colorful versions...I do love my colors and the more bangles on an arm the better.....Here's what I made ;o) and always Remember "More is More"...and that is good!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen...that's my Bead Hoard Story....this has me off and running and making even more designs to come...Don't forget to click on the BEAD HOARD avatar up top on my blog. It will take you to the main BLOG HOP blog and the list of all the hoppers.... You can have a fun time visiting and being inspired by all the lovely fellow Designers involved in the Blog Hop this weekend.  I love comments, so if you feel the need, please DO COMMENT.
Thanks for visiting my friends.  :o) 


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