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  Art charms from 38 artists, and 5 different countries.  Our hostess for the event is Jennifer stout cameron, who has spent countless hours notifying all participants as well as sorting, sifting, listing, and mailing the charms.  I Thank her for the many hours she has put in for such a worthy cause. This years theme is "LOVE"

This is the 2013 Art Charm Swap and Fundraising Auction for the Beads of Courage program, which helps seriously ill children in participating hospitals.
For more on Beads of Courage

In this charm swap I received 9 charms! Whoo Hoo...Receiving a box of charms is very much like a box of chocolates!!!!  Each one a surprise and delicious Goodie!  I received my nine charms and just couldn't be happier with all the work put into each of them.  I thank each artist below for all the time and patience!  All so perfectly made with love and talent,  for our theme this year of "LOVE" I will begin with my own charm which is up for auction and how it relates to LOVE.

Here is my Auction Charm, click HERE if you want to BUY NOW OR BID. Ivory and gold leaves with a beaded bead and just a hint of purple.  The one below with the autumn colors was made for our hostess Jennifer.
 This years auction theme was LOVE.  My love for Fall is immense.  I am not a summer person and spend the months of summer complaining about the heat and how I cannot wait until fall comes.  Color just explodes in the Fall months.  A month where the plants and trees are slowly going into hibernation to await spring becomes dreary in winter, but amazing.  It is cool, crisp, and color is everywhere. 
"You may wonder why I chose ivory and gold for my leaves in the theme Love.  Fall is elegant too, I wanted the charms to be an elegant reflection of Fall.  Gold is a regal color and denotes the best of the best.  This charm represents the struggles faced by the best of the best, where color seems to be taken from these children, they need to remember how golden they truly are.   I hope that when someone looks at this charm, they think of how golden they are in the midst of color.  When I think of all the courageous kids out there fighting such tough battles, the bitter irony in it all is how beautiful each child is, at a point in their life that seems impossibly ugly.  In reality there is hope and it can be compared to Fall. It is the most beautiful of the seasons in the midst of its transition into Winter and although it may end, there is rebirth in the Spring."
I included a small poem in my charm auction that sums up my feelings too.

There is a harmony in Autumn,
 and a lustre in its sky, which
 through the summer is not heard
 or seen, as if it could not be,
as if it had not been.
~Percy Blysshe Shelley
 Jennifer said.. "Last year $600 was raised for Beads of Courage! I would love to raise $1000 this year…. These charms make GREAT gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, hostesses, birthdays, etc. So please save your pennies, and mark the date on your calendar and bid often and bid high. You get art charms, and every penny bid goes to the kids who get Beads of Courage strands."

 This auction is also accompanied by a blog hop of all the participating artisans to showcase their original art charms. Each participant received 9 charms including their own not knowing who's they would receive.  They were all created especially for the event, and all charms are hand made.  All participants are listed at the end of this posting for your viewing pleasure and I have included links to blogs and websites for each of the charms I received as well.

For the charm auction click
Whooo, whooo, whooo,made this art charm??  Cheri Mitchell-Reed, owner and designer of Creative Designs by Cheri.  Everyone knows how much I loooove owls
 and I was so happy when I saw this.  Just sweet and adorable
 hand made and stamped copper and silver charms. Love it!  Thank you Cheri! 
Love, Love, love this charm It's a clear heart with a teeny tiny orange heart on layers
of purple inside.  Just lovely.  As usual pictures don't do it justice.   I feel honored to have received one of Jennifer Camerons beautiful charms.  It was made by hand and is a lampwork glass bead charm.  It takes time to make these lampwork beads...Yes I have's definitely a talent. The Attention to detail is seen here and I will add that Jennifer Cameron is also the
 organizer of this charity event.  She owns Glass Addictions.  Thank you Jennifer!
Ginkgo et Coquelicot is the designers blog and this lovely charm is made by Karin Grosset Grange.  This charm flew here all the way from France! Knowing how much I love Paris this was icing on the cake for me.  Just Awesome.  It reminds me of a golden pinecone.  Is it not the sweetest?  Perfect for a Fall charm bracelet I think.  Just beautiful and I love it!! Thank you!
 As you can see, I have been interrupted by Bella... "Mommy what are you doing?"  to which I say "I'm admiring all my amazing charms made by my most awesome and talented participants in the Beads of Courage Charm Auction and Exchange... I want More!!!!"
 This little leaf charm is made by Emily's Bead Corner by Cassi Paslick
 so dainty and sweet. I absolutely love this little ceramic leaf charm.
I'm keeping this one even though someone else is eyeing it.... Love it!!  Thank you Cassi!!
Oh this is just a happy heart! I think this is so cheerful and fun and anyone
who received this charm just got a little happier, I know I did.  Thank you
Alenka Obid of  Pepita This flew across the oceans to get here
all the way from Slovenia! Slovenia borders Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary.  This just boggles my mind sometimes how small of a world we really are...Awesome! Thank You Alenka! 
 Aww...sweet heart!! This is made by Ginger Bishop of Lil Mummy Likes
 and is called the imperfect heart. "Life is the messy bits" inspired her piece she says.
 That is a fact Ginger! So true, So true, I love this heart! Thank You Ginger!.
 AAAAhhhh a balloon charm... yes I screamed a bit when I saw this
since I'm originally from Albuquerque and it's the Balloon Capitol of
the world... Love it! Made by Lennis Carrier of WindBent designs, and on the
 back it says in the teeniest of handwriting
"Love is in the air"..adorable! Thank you Lennis!
 Sweet, sweet polymer clay shell charm made by Susan Delphine Delaney of Lady Flowers by Susan,  is perfect to add to my bracelets for beach attire!  I soo love this charm, it is a reminder of my love of picking up shells on the beach.  I see she lives where I used to live too...Ha...small world. 
 Thank you Susan!  Just adorable I tell you
Oh, this one is another special one.  So much love and work went into this piece.  Wire working, and lampworking. The side of the strip of copper is stamped and says Love and I had to take two pics to show this.  Just exceptional work by Julie Bowen owner and designer of Autochthonous Evolved.  Thank You Julie! 
enclosed in her package was a quote.  "Love is what makes the world go around
and so the love themed bead in this charm goes 'round too. 
 Thank You Julie!! I love it!
...AND finally the charm I exchanged with the other participants which is different from the auction one that includes a beaded bead.  The elegance of Autumn and love for it, is expressed in these tiny beaded leaves of ivory, gold and brass. Each leaf is hand beaded using the tiniest of glass delica and japanese seed beads. They are hung from a brass oversized jump ring finding, with a 6mm glass rustic bead.

Please visit them many talented artists have come together for Beads Of Courage.

Caroline Dewison
Alicia Marinache
Terri Del Signore
Cheryl (Lee) Koopman:
Jacqueline Carlson:
Charlene Bausinger Jacka


  1. Just when I thought I knew what an Art Charm was, I saw your amazing autumn leaves charm. Bravo! I love it.

    Susan Delphine Delaney

  2. I adore all the thought, work and love you put into your charms. I cannot even believe what you seed bead types can do! I treasure the charm you gave me.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post about your charm and the ones you received. It's so fun seeing what others have to say about each charm they received. Thanks so much for participating and for helping to raise money for Beads of Courage.

  3. I have the chance of owning one of your beautiful beaded leaf charm. Thank you!

  4. I'm SO glad you liked my charm, Jacquie! That means a lot coming from someone that has obviously put so much time and effort into their own charms! Any single beaded item is a precious work of art, but that you've done three intricate pieces for your charm is astounding. Plus, I also really love autumn leaves! Magnificent work! - Julie

  5. I love the fall too, and your charms are amazing!!!

  6. Your design is wonderful and has added so much to this awesome event, Jacquie!

  7. I'm not sure I have the words to describe how much I LOVE your charm and am so happy to be the owner of one!!! Love the words that came along with it! Fall is my favourite season!! I am already using your charm in a special piece of jewelry I am working on!!

    1. Thank you! Would love, love, love to see a final finished piece using my charm! Please post a pic on the art charm exchange!

  8. Jacquie, how amazing are your charms!?! I am so in awe of you folks who work with such tiny seed beads! Beautiful!

  9. Thanks everyone for all your positive comments! I know I'm in good company after looking at all of your amazing art charms. :)

  10. Nature themes are always a favorite for me and I'm honored to have it! I have been attempting to make beaded disastrous results. Just as well I like to paint brass. ;)

  11. I was admiring your leaves in the auction - gorgeous charm~ You're absolutely right, nature is full of love, we just have to look for it!


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