~Vintage Refaire~ designer challenge this month was 'What's old is new again'.
Or as I like to call it Vintage Refaire (re-do).  Love it!!  What a fun challenge.  I love taking things apart and remaking them into jewelry and as you can see from all the antique finds below I have done just that.  You don't need a lot of money.  Dig through your old jewelry, your moms and grandmothers jewelry and it's amazing the treasures you can find.  It takes a designer eye to turn that sad little piece of jewelry and nurture it into a beautiful swan of a design.  Here are some things I have had fun with.  I decided to really start from scratch and literally took apart pieces.
An antique pair of 2.00 earrings.  Hiding within the earrings, were vintage swarovski dentelle crystals.  The settings were rusty and beyond shining up, so I took out all of the crystals.

"Lovey Dovey Earrings"
With the pink dentelles from the old earrings,  I made these earrings by beading around them and adding these amazing Brass love bird charms.  I love birds and these needed to be suspended with a chain.  How romantic are these and who would have thought the crystals came from $2 antique earrings to begin with.   I'm saving the other blue and turquoise and yellow dentelles for other projects.

I made these from the blue crystals in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales
Look at all of the crystals from the bracelet below that I took apart!! This vintage crystal bracelet only cost me $5.00! Yes they are crystals!! Each of these ovals would cost roughly .75 cents each for new.  Vintage ones like these cost double that amount!  My find of the day!  There were ovals, bicones, and some flat spacers that swarovski doesn't make anymore.  Old grungy silver spacers were holding these together...I took it apart to re-use all of these sparklers.  Soaking them in vinegar and sudsy dishsoap made them SPARKLE!


"Carnelian Gems"
Love, love, love the Antique brass Altar Link.  I have been eyeing this link for a long time and knew it was the perfect thing for my cross.   I love the vintage old world look of this link.  It's a beautiful component.   I used just 5 of the large crystal oval beads from the bracelet taken apart above, to make a cross and made two beaded components on the neckline of the necklace to bring all the pieces together.  I still have over 20 ovals left and 50 or so other crystals for other things!! Whoo hoo.

Beautiful 8mm carnelian faceted beads are the perfect color and sparkle for my cross centerpiece. Carnelian is an amazing stone and these are faceted to add sparkle.  Did you know carnelian is a healing stone used to treat arthritis?  It is also said to stimulate creativity and memory and treat depression. No wonder I just wanted to touch and feel the stones before adding them to the necklace.  They just feel good!  They have a nice weight to them.  They are a beautiful rich brownish/earthy orange.  Does this look a little medieval period?  I think so

Ok no these are just wrong.  I must have these crystals, but these settings?? They gotta go NOW.  Old and rusty, they are ready for vintage refaire! ;o)

These were a pair of earrings I bought for $2.00 at an antique store, they were tucked in a basket hidden from plain sight.   I spotted the pretty crystal earrings knowing I loved the unique crystal color.  It's a pink/yellow with AB finish.  I needed to cut them apart to take the individual components from a flat metal band that held them together.

"Parisienne Earrings"
The finished product. My Parisienne earrings which I made by beading around the old tired earring components above.  I used delicas, swarovski crystals and then added antique chains as a dangle.


Another amazing find!! Vintage gold plated earrings. Here is a closeup of one of the vintage earrings.  These are gold plate with leaves and a pearl center. Two beautiful pieces to re-do.  I used one as a pendant and hung it from a group of chains suspended by the Swarovski 8mm round pearls. 

Pearls just always go with gold and baby blue and these pearls have a nice weight to them, no flaws at all. Two brass "Y" shaped vine leaf links from brought the entire piece together. These "y" links are perfect for use as connectors. The leaves were the perfect match for the earring leaves, I could not have found anything to use with a better match. These links are delicate and light,but strong. Although they are listed as brass they have more of a gold tone to them.
Of course my necklaces are not complete if I don't include something beaded. Using the swarovski pearls,  I had to bead some little flowers to suspend from the white ribbon neckline and attached them to the vine connectors. 

Lots  of keys!!! I found so many cool keys at the antique store.  They only cost between 1.00 and 4.00 if you really shop for deals.  Older keys run a bit more...just rummag through the boxes and you can find tons of interesting keys.
I beaded around the neck of the key and dangled it from my new favorite bead!! This is a Retro copper coin bead.  Isn't it fabulous!  It has a picture of a lock on the backside, but I prefer this side of it.  This is a hollow bead wired together with copper wire.  It's very cool.  Had to have it!  Here is a link to all of the other fabulous ones they have too.

This antique brass retro copper coin bead is so cool.  Shades of copper, antique brass, silver lends itself to almost any kind of chain color!  It's a favorite of mine.

bb-lx021 brass y shaped vine with leaves and 3 loops link

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