This month I was busy making Kaleidoscopes, each one is reversible! First I wanted to use my new dichroic delicas for some beaded tubes.  The delicas are so pricey, a teeny tube of one gram was $15.00 but I knew I had to try them.  I decided to use sparingly in these patterned tubes.  The pattern here is from the book Bead Tube Jewelry.  I suspect it has been done many times before this book came out.  I taught a class in 2008 using lots of these tubes with my own patterns.  You can see the Halloween tube bracelet here! Now there's a book of some other patterns, how fun.  I only used the dichroics the center of the diamonds but wow what a difference it makes.  POP!
My new Kaleidoscope design pattern to come
Larger variation of front side of "Kaleidoscope" waiting for its' neck strap

These are the beaded beads I made using dichroic delicas. I used them in just the center of the diamonds because they are so full of 'light' they just pop.
I love playing with color.  Another variation of my Reversible Kaleidscopes design is waiting for a neckstrap or to be turned into a Ring.


  1. It's all really pretty!The choice of colors is very nice!

  2. Very pretty! I have avoided buying dichroic beads because of the price but maybe I should rethink that decision!

  3. Yes I avoided buying the dichroics as well, but if you want a pop of flash on ends of fringe or maybe just a small pendant, these really do add a certain personality that no one can describe. I only used maybe 9 beads in each tube. Still have lots left!! Savoring them ;o)


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