Ring Blings

"Golden Seas" Ring
 Everyone is wearing them, big rings that is.  Celebrities at the award shows and reality housewives at parties are all wearing their blinged out fingers, and it appears to be a the bigger the better attitude.  Online chats on jewelry sites are all featuring designers latest designs of beaded rings. I love looking at them but I am not blesssed with beautiful hands for wearing these rings.  I do love making and designing them however.  Here is a small sampling of what I'm having fun with this month.

"Blush Ruffles" Ring

"Black Seas"Ring

 "Princess Diana" Ring

"Little Poppy"  Ring


  1. OH my gosh! these rings are gorgeous. Love the colors of the golden seas. Just beautiful! since when does one need to have model-beautiful hands to wear a beautiful ring???! I say wear them!!

  2. I love the Black Seas Ring! Such great looking rings any woman would be lucky to wear!


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