In Honor of Diana

 I don't know about you, but with the Royal Wedding coverage this week all my thoughts went to Diana.  When she and Charles were married I watched her and Prince Charles go down the aisle.  I watched as a young bride myself and gasped at the sight of her dress and that train..oh that long train.  We've all seen and heard all that has transpired, the good and bad, since that day. As William takes his walk down the aisle my thoughts are of Diana, her philanthropy, her tragedies, her fashion and her beautiful sapphire and diamond ring. My beadwork just took me "there". Here are a few designs I came up with in the last couple days.  A small pair of earrings made with two vintage sapphire swarovski crystal dentelles and a ring of sapphire glass.

The ring was such a promise of hope and love and I really hope William and Kate will have that kind of life. 


  1. I hope they do well too. After the tragedy of Diana's marriage and death it would be nice to see them make it happily into the far future.

    Very pretty pieces here! Love that gorgeous ring.


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