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 I found a few strand of beads that look like 'eyes'.  Oh the wheels are turning again..what can I make with these that are unique?  I had made an eye ring from a lampwork glass bead a few years ago which I love and wanted some earrings to match.  If you have seen Laura McCabe beadweaving you know she uses genuine glass eyes in some of her creations.  These are much smaller versions and they are glass.  The evil eye is a turkish symbol that is used in many cultures to ward off jealousy, bad thoughts etc..from a person.  Why not wear it on your ears and flaunt it almost at eye level too?

For this pair below I took it a different way.  I actually beaded around the 'eye' in an eye shape.  The corners are a little pointed on the two opposing sides..although this pic doesn't show it very well and I do love added chains and swarovski crystals.

My silver versions of the flowers I've been making.  You can see more of these in my previous postings.  I always use silver and gold when I make flowers and leaves.  People always ask "are they real silver?"..which of course I reply Yes, but they are beaded.

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  1. Very nice. These are much better eye beads than the cheap Indian ones I have.


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