Lost and Found Valentine

I looked in the garden today thinking, it's time for spring clean up...and saw a little alyssum that had survived the winter and was blooming away...I went to take a picture of it and lo and behold...a missing earring (swarovski crystal one) that I dearly loved was lying right next to it...A little valentine heart find today...I immediately thought of loved ones who had passed..thinking maybe they sent it to me with their love...Am I reading way too too much into this? I think not...but what a wonderful way to start my day.


  1. That is DEFINITELY a sign !!! And I am sure they are so happy you recognized it :)

  2. no no!! That's how it works!! Don't doubt, live and look for it. It waits only to be discovered!

  3. Anonymous2/11/2011

    That is neat Jacquie, What lovely things of nature. After surviving that illness. I certainly appreciate even the wonderful sunshine that we have been having lately. I am slowly getting back to myself. Still a little slow. but am getting better everyday. Where is the other earring?



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