Grandmas Pearls

Grandmas Pearls
My grandmothers birthday is coming up.  She will be 103.  When she turned 100 I decided to make her something 'beadiful' for her birthdays from here on.  I firmly believe that although one is 100 you are still young at heart and enjoy little luxuries.  Forget about the soap and bath salts that are practical, if you can live this long you deserve special things and I hope she thinks they're special.  She held out on using a walker until she absolutely had to and same for the wheel chair, and she still climbs those steep stairs to her house, but now goes down the stairs one by one on her butt...she's as sharp as a tack and when she smiles she still has that little irish twinkle in her eye and great sense of humor.  I have to admit having a little selfish want in all of this too.  I want a picture of my grandmother wearing her jewelry so that I have it to look at every day and know that even at 100 your beautiful.  I live over 1000 miles away which is why I want those pictures.
These are brushed silver swarovski pearls and swarovski crystals.  She doesn't know it yet but this will be my grandmothers birthday gift at the end of February.  I love making this necklace it lies so nicely around the nape of the neck and I love the feel of the smooth cool pearls too.
My Grandmother Lucille
She is wearing the flower garden necklace I made her for her 101st birthday of pearls and crystals
This is the pin I made her for her 100th birthday


  1. That's a beautiful necklace, and it's wonderful you have your "GM" still around! Sweet, treasure each moment!

  2. Your grandmother sounds special and wonderful! I bet she will absolutely love the pearl necklace!

  3. Such an easy thing for you to do...whip up a piece of jewelry for someone you love. But think just a moment about the impact of this simple act of love. Think of the feelings you have while making it..the memories that are brought back to mind..the joy of having a picture of the moment your grandmother opens it...the glow in her eyes with the realization that you loved her enough to take the time to create a special gift. Knowing that your grandmother feels your love.

    You make me miss my own grandmother so much. I spent many hours with her when I was young. I hope she knew I loved her as I am absolutely certain that your grandmother knows you love her.

    Happy Birthday Grandma.

  4. Gosh!!I forgot to mention how pretty the necklace is!! Though I'm not fond of pearls, I really like these. I like the silverish glow.

  5. thank you for all the nice comments. Carol, what a lovely, lovely thing for you to write. I am so sure your grandmother knew of your love for her as well! I do think it is important to cherish those you love with little acts of kindness and never, never take someone for granted that you'll see them tomorrow because I know fromm personal experience today is the day you make a difference

  6. This is just stunning. Lucky you to have your gram. I have mine too - in my heart.

    Happy Birthday to Lucille!!


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