More Ethics Discussion

Ethics, ethics...we've all heard all the designers (including myself) woes about stealing copyright designs etc...and how it is unethical to even think of buying a pattern and using it for personal monetary gain...unless the design is specifically sold with rights to sell for monetary gain.

I ask this after a heated discussion with several other designers...about this very thing...we've all been on both sides of the coin.

Well...I pose this question to you...what about colorway ethics?   Say a person buys a jewelry pattern and comes up with a great colorway and everyone loves it. The designer of the pattern has beautiful patterns however they do not have a particularly great color sense.  After the person who bought the pattern and beaded it up with their own color version has posted this all over the place on fb, etsy, artfire, blogs etc,  the designer of the pattern decides to sell another "new colorway" of the design with the colorway you have used.  Is this ethical?  Does colorway design kick in as well apart from the original designed pattern?  Or do you think this is ridiculous the designer has every right to take any colorway they see used in their design and sell a kit using those colors. What are your thoughts?


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