Charming Anklets

Charms, charms, charms....I am loving these base metal pewter charms! Here are a few things I did with them this month while planning for my beach trips to Pismo and Avila...they are easy and quick to make.
As you can see I have made a Ring! Adding just a few little dangling fishies or sea dollars is a fun accent to a very sparkly ring of silver and glass or crystal beads. I added some little drops on the band as well for a little depth. My Beach Ring
I am soooo ready to go to the coast! The sun, the sand, the shells...which is why I chose the variety of sea charms from to make my designs this month. I used one of my bracelet designs and transformed it into an Anklet bracelet. It just called to me to put charms on it. I love the little fishies...they are 3 dimensional...puffy on both sides. I also ordered some little sharks which I thought would be cute but they are a teensy bit larger and heavier than all the other charms and didn't work well with this design. Sand dollars have always been soo hard to find in one piece on the beach. I usually can find broken bits of them while combing the sands. If I'm lucky I can find one intact..but the closest I'm going to come is with these Base metal pewter charms. Pewter is a great metal to use in the summer and for when you want a 'cool' effect for your designs. That's my rule, golds for warm effect colors such as yellow, oranges, pinks. I use silvers for cool colors like blue, green, purples, whites. No worries about tarnishing either, I began making this design as a bracelet, but with the coast on my mind thought why not an anklet. I can just envision wearing it with my toes in the sand and the gentle clinkle clinkle of the charms as I stride on the beach. All I need is thinner when at the beach who's all about the waves and sun and of course I gotta be 'stylin' ' with my anklet.. :o)
Sea dwellers...such as crabs, starfish and clam shells can all be at your toe tips. Don't let me forget about my find of the month...Ok, so we've all seen the 2mm swarovskis...(you haven't?) Well they are awesome!! little gems..but now I've discovered their counterpart!!! 2mm czech firepolish facets at a fraction of the price!!! The 2mm facets have just come out recently and they were the perfect thing to center between the charms as embellishments on the anklet...I used peridot, aqua, and sand colors..just teeny little sparkles of magic! Love them..and I have not seen these anywhere other than artbeads and they have tons of colors!!! (too many exclamation points?) Sorry, but to me, this is exciting...I have to have them in every single color, because they are fantastic to use in beaded beads too!!! Just little sparkles of magic here and there in this anklet were the perfect finishing touch. As a reviewer of products for, I received the charms and czech facets free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion, positive or negative. I am not being compensated by artbeads for my endorsement as it pertains to the products being received and reviewed.


  1. LOVE those bracelets and rings!!! The sea elements are great.

  2. LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! (how's that for a bunch of exclamation points?) lol


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