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"Fly Away" Knotted Necklace
Just a few things here and there for my project
It hasn't gone un-noticed that Spring has sprung where I am, yet it has not "sprung" in the snowy midwest and atlantic states. I must confess to having a bit of snow-guilt...but when I lived in Texas I had my share of bad weather with tornados and ice thank you. Maybe this little bit of inspiration will help scare the cold and snowy blues away. Birds are everywhere right now searching for places to have their babies and this is why I chose this months items from for their "Beauty of Spring" month. I do love birds and how I love the little magical packets, I call them, from Artbeads. They wrap up all your goodies in these neat little pouches with a business card featuring a glorious picture of some wonderful project on it. LOVE! First I chose this very pretty Whimsical flower garden toggle for my project. It lends itself to any project where flowers, birds, garden themed designs are used. Perfect! I couldn't decide whether I wanted to string my beads, make a spiral beaded chain for it or what. I tend to lean toward intricate beading, but in the end I decided on knotting. I have been doing knotting for a long while and taught lots of classes on knotting. Truly a favorite because it is quick and the array of colors of cording add to the element of design. I used one each of olive and a taupe color conso cord for my cording. I also like to use Griffin size 4 or 5 for this weight of bead. I love is very free form and it is only the second half which you have to worry about getting just right because in my case, I like it to match my opposite side. The knotting just seemed to be a little more of a rustic look and feel for this awesome Copper Dove Locket also available on It was hard to decide on a centerpiece from their copper beads, but I knew it had to be copper. I love the look of copper and turquoise. This beautiful locket has a nice hinge on it to keep precious secret treasures or a loved ones photo tucked inside for safekeeping. It also has a nice weight to it. I love this locket!!! It has a nice bail on it which will accomodate several ways of stringing or beading. Rusted metal is hot now and I think with steampunk jewelry being all the rage, this is a nice choice for a casual focal pendant.

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I chose some Opaque Turquoise Picasso Czech glass beads for both the necklace and bracelet. I chose them because they look so much like semi-precious faceted stones and the color is wonderful. Very turquoise-like and rustic with teeny facets of sparkle, these Czech beads are one of my favorites in my designing. These are the color of robin egg blue with mottled brownish specks. They have a bit of blue/green shading in them as well, and that's a touch of Spring to any jewelry piece. Picasso would be proud... :o) (wait, maybe Georgia O'Keefe would too) lol. For the bracelet I made a beaded bead center and let the beads speak for themselves, because they are truly a pretty faceted bead and I didn't want to take away from the color too much with seed beads. The only thing I added were teeny 2mm copper rounds which add just a touch of copper and I think they were needed to pull it all together. The hole on these is very very small so only one length of softflex will fit inside of them. I'm very happy with the results I received from such a small grouping of beads at minimal cost. click to enlarge

As a reviewer of products for, I received the copper beads, toggle, pendant and czech glass beads free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of these products positive of negative. I am not being compensated by artbeads for my endorsement as it pertains to the products being received and reviewed


  1. Well, I'm in that snowy Midwest you mentioned and I am jealous that your birds are nesting. I keep looking for the first Robin, a sure sign here that Spring has sprung. I like what you did with the copper locket. Copper is my favorite metal. You make me long to wear my summer jewelry!

  2. This is beautiful. And, it reminds me of some beads, threads and a beautiful glass flower I bought about 5 years ago to do this with and haven't yet. Well, I guess it'll have to wait longer as I have just GOT to do more BJP stuff first.

  3. thank you both for the nice comments...and if it makes you feel any better's cold and rainy here this spring has left the building for a while

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