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Trillium Necklace

I have been busy much so that I have not been tending to my daily journaling here and I apologize for that. Since I got my new computer, my favorite camera which I used for all my close-up shots is now was one of the very first Sony digital cameras they came out with and used a hard disc which could be then inserted straight into my is great but geesh that was my favorite camera.... anyway..that being said I put off taking photos of everything...and decided today to get going on at least a few things I've been working on with my newer camera.
I've been experimenting with different techniques and loving all of them. One of the newest things I'm enjoying making is this necklace. The flower is a design by diane fitzgerald and it caught my eye. Usually when I find a design like this I make it as is and then change it up the next time with other little tweaks I want in in. I did do some changing up in the center of this piece and decided to make another. My friend had made one in spectacular black and silvers.
Now on another subject: My bead journal project...I have a lot of catching up to do. I am committing my time this weekend to working on a few months's hoping I can keep that commitment because I am a bit behind. I've been reading all the BJP blogs and there's lots of new talent this year which is so inspiring me! Hope to get to all the new blogs and read the favorites again. I love the 3 month waiting period for the reveal of the work we've all done. It is always a feast for the eyes!


  1. great necklace! reminds me of early springtime.

  2. Very pretty necklace! You are right, there sure is a lot of talent, both old and new, in the BJP this round. Its all interesting and inspirational for me. Glad you are still in.
    XX, Carol

  3. Love the necklace! The flower looks terrific. I have one of her books on beaded flowers. I'll have to see if this is in that one. I have just started my first BJP piece. I can't believe how slow I have been to get to it. Too much visiting with family so far this year but visiting family comes over just about anything to me. Time to catch up! Hope you do too.


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