More Ethics Discussion

Ethics, ethics...we've all heard all the designers (including myself) woes about stealing copyright designs etc...and how it is unethical to even think of buying a pattern and using it for personal monetary gain...unless the design is specifically sold with rights to sell for monetary gain.

I ask this after a heated discussion with several other designers...about this very thing...we've all been on both sides of the coin.

Well...I pose this question to you...what about colorway ethics?   Say a person buys a jewelry pattern and comes up with a great colorway and everyone loves it. The designer of the pattern has beautiful patterns however they do not have a particularly great color sense.  After the person who bought the pattern and beaded it up with their own color version has posted this all over the place on fb, etsy, artfire, blogs etc,  the designer of the pattern decides to sell another "new colorway" of the design with the colorway you have used.  Is this ethical?  Does colorway design kick in as well apart from the original designed pattern?  Or do you think this is ridiculous the designer has every right to take any colorway they see used in their design and sell a kit using those colors. What are your thoughts?

Regal Autumn

I'm here, I'm alive...been a while since I've posted but beading has kept me away. It's fall finally!! It has been one long summer...and fall just hasn't wanted to show it's lovely colorful face. That hasn't stopped me from making jewelry to reflect the autumnal season. Well lookie here...a lovely lovely package from with brass components, crystals, and leaves to ignite my inspiration brain cells.

Delicas, beautiful Delicas...if you haven't heard of them, they are tiny cylinder beads each perfectly shaped to fit perfectly next to one another.  They come in four sizes now, 11's, 10's, 15's and size 8's.   I used the 11's in my ring above and below. Rings are so quick and easy to whip up with leftovers.  Delicas come in an astounding number of colors!  I had no idea first of all that even carried them, but they do and they are worth their weight in gold.  If you want a slinky ring band or bracelet cuff to die for, they are the perfect thing!  These little wonder beads will be around long after I'm gone and the color I chose for my little fall gem ring is a DB0126 commonly knows as Bronzy pinkAB which has hints of gold.  Yes they come in AB which adds to the sparkle factor  This is by far one favorite colors to use all year long.  I used them in a two drop peyote pattern on the band of my ring and within the gem dome of the ring.  I also used them as you'll see below in the necklace strap for my necklace.  I had a few leftover crystals in amethyst from my neckstrap so I worked them into the ring.  See what you can do with leftovers??? Just a teaspoon of beads and a few crystals and Voila!  I still have a few teaspoons of delicas left for something else!

Antique Brass Swarovski round pearls  add a bit of autumn charm to this next design.  This is the strap portion of "Regal Autumn".   Swarovski pearls are much better quality than 'any old glass pearl'  they have a nice weight to them and these actually look like antique brass.   For this design I have used the 5mm size.   Anyone who knows me knows I love using crystals in my designs.  Along side the 'pearls', Swarovski crystals and delicas are woven in to add more of the sparkle factor.  They are my crystal of choice,  although there are other crystals on the market, these are always perfect in hole size,  color and weight, and I have yet to find an imperfect one.  Lots of new colors this season  however I have used the lilac color because it has a gentle purple tint, not too dark, and not too light.    And check out the perfect toggle for fall designs.  It is a grape cluster nestled next to an autumn leaf in antique vintage brass finish.  I use this toggle often since I live in an area where vineyards flourish, it just reminds me of my surroundings.

My favorite piece is the Antique Brass Drum Circle!!!! I mean so many possibilites can be realized with this piece.  I have been on a 'frame' kick lately and love using photos in my pieces.  This photo of a girl with dove had the perfect colors similar to my crystal colors and the brass.  I loved the open work on the 'drum' which I used to my advantage and did some brick stitching around it to make an even larger piece.  Topped off with a vintage brass leaf charm it was not too much and not too little...I wanted it to be fairly simple to show off the center brass drum circle. 

As a reviewer of products for, I received the glass pearls, toggle, delicas, and brass drum circle free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of these products positive of negative. I am not being compensated by artbeads for my endorsement as it pertains to the products being received and reviewed


Charming Anklets

Charms, charms, charms....I am loving these base metal pewter charms! Here are a few things I did with them this month while planning for my beach trips to Pismo and Avila...they are easy and quick to make.
As you can see I have made a Ring! Adding just a few little dangling fishies or sea dollars is a fun accent to a very sparkly ring of silver and glass or crystal beads. I added some little drops on the band as well for a little depth. My Beach Ring
I am soooo ready to go to the coast! The sun, the sand, the shells...which is why I chose the variety of sea charms from to make my designs this month. I used one of my bracelet designs and transformed it into an Anklet bracelet. It just called to me to put charms on it. I love the little fishies...they are 3 dimensional...puffy on both sides. I also ordered some little sharks which I thought would be cute but they are a teensy bit larger and heavier than all the other charms and didn't work well with this design. Sand dollars have always been soo hard to find in one piece on the beach. I usually can find broken bits of them while combing the sands. If I'm lucky I can find one intact..but the closest I'm going to come is with these Base metal pewter charms. Pewter is a great metal to use in the summer and for when you want a 'cool' effect for your designs. That's my rule, golds for warm effect colors such as yellow, oranges, pinks. I use silvers for cool colors like blue, green, purples, whites. No worries about tarnishing either, I began making this design as a bracelet, but with the coast on my mind thought why not an anklet. I can just envision wearing it with my toes in the sand and the gentle clinkle clinkle of the charms as I stride on the beach. All I need is thinner when at the beach who's all about the waves and sun and of course I gotta be 'stylin' ' with my anklet.. :o)
Sea dwellers...such as crabs, starfish and clam shells can all be at your toe tips. Don't let me forget about my find of the month...Ok, so we've all seen the 2mm swarovskis...(you haven't?) Well they are awesome!! little gems..but now I've discovered their counterpart!!! 2mm czech firepolish facets at a fraction of the price!!! The 2mm facets have just come out recently and they were the perfect thing to center between the charms as embellishments on the anklet...I used peridot, aqua, and sand colors..just teeny little sparkles of magic! Love them..and I have not seen these anywhere other than artbeads and they have tons of colors!!! (too many exclamation points?) Sorry, but to me, this is exciting...I have to have them in every single color, because they are fantastic to use in beaded beads too!!! Just little sparkles of magic here and there in this anklet were the perfect finishing touch. As a reviewer of products for, I received the charms and czech facets free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion, positive or negative. I am not being compensated by artbeads for my endorsement as it pertains to the products being received and reviewed.

Fly Away

"Fly Away" Knotted Necklace
Just a few things here and there for my project
It hasn't gone un-noticed that Spring has sprung where I am, yet it has not "sprung" in the snowy midwest and atlantic states. I must confess to having a bit of snow-guilt...but when I lived in Texas I had my share of bad weather with tornados and ice thank you. Maybe this little bit of inspiration will help scare the cold and snowy blues away. Birds are everywhere right now searching for places to have their babies and this is why I chose this months items from for their "Beauty of Spring" month. I do love birds and how I love the little magical packets, I call them, from Artbeads. They wrap up all your goodies in these neat little pouches with a business card featuring a glorious picture of some wonderful project on it. LOVE! First I chose this very pretty Whimsical flower garden toggle for my project. It lends itself to any project where flowers, birds, garden themed designs are used. Perfect! I couldn't decide whether I wanted to string my beads, make a spiral beaded chain for it or what. I tend to lean toward intricate beading, but in the end I decided on knotting. I have been doing knotting for a long while and taught lots of classes on knotting. Truly a favorite because it is quick and the array of colors of cording add to the element of design. I used one each of olive and a taupe color conso cord for my cording. I also like to use Griffin size 4 or 5 for this weight of bead. I love is very free form and it is only the second half which you have to worry about getting just right because in my case, I like it to match my opposite side. The knotting just seemed to be a little more of a rustic look and feel for this awesome Copper Dove Locket also available on It was hard to decide on a centerpiece from their copper beads, but I knew it had to be copper. I love the look of copper and turquoise. This beautiful locket has a nice hinge on it to keep precious secret treasures or a loved ones photo tucked inside for safekeeping. It also has a nice weight to it. I love this locket!!! It has a nice bail on it which will accomodate several ways of stringing or beading. Rusted metal is hot now and I think with steampunk jewelry being all the rage, this is a nice choice for a casual focal pendant.

click photos to enlarge
I chose some Opaque Turquoise Picasso Czech glass beads for both the necklace and bracelet. I chose them because they look so much like semi-precious faceted stones and the color is wonderful. Very turquoise-like and rustic with teeny facets of sparkle, these Czech beads are one of my favorites in my designing. These are the color of robin egg blue with mottled brownish specks. They have a bit of blue/green shading in them as well, and that's a touch of Spring to any jewelry piece. Picasso would be proud... :o) (wait, maybe Georgia O'Keefe would too) lol. For the bracelet I made a beaded bead center and let the beads speak for themselves, because they are truly a pretty faceted bead and I didn't want to take away from the color too much with seed beads. The only thing I added were teeny 2mm copper rounds which add just a touch of copper and I think they were needed to pull it all together. The hole on these is very very small so only one length of softflex will fit inside of them. I'm very happy with the results I received from such a small grouping of beads at minimal cost. click to enlarge

As a reviewer of products for, I received the copper beads, toggle, pendant and czech glass beads free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of these products positive of negative. I am not being compensated by artbeads for my endorsement as it pertains to the products being received and reviewed

Emerald Gems

Emerald Gem Bracelet

I'm in the mood for St. Patricks Day...I usually start my projects for that holiday right about now...Here's a new one I made this week between my bead journal projects. Very easy pattern design from a bead magazine. I changed up the original pattern and did the ends and the spaces between the squares to accomodate the way I bead. I just love emerald and olive together and added a bit of copper too.


Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon
Owwwoooo.... I only found out tonight that we have a ''''Wolf Moon""" ...It is supposed to be the biggest moon of the year..and the for fun I ran outside and took a look. It looked brighter but not bigger. Later I went out again when it had moved up higher in the sky and it was centered perfectly between the clouds in what seemed to be a circle of colors and clouds around it. My husband commented it looked a little other-worldly as a portal to the moon or something...ha ha...had to laugh, because that was soooo not something he would say in a million years, but it did look weird. I wondered if I could catch a picture if I had a slow enough shutter speed..but my digital doesn't really do that..however here's what I got...I think it's pretty cool.


In the Pink

Trillium Necklace

I have been busy much so that I have not been tending to my daily journaling here and I apologize for that. Since I got my new computer, my favorite camera which I used for all my close-up shots is now was one of the very first Sony digital cameras they came out with and used a hard disc which could be then inserted straight into my is great but geesh that was my favorite camera.... anyway..that being said I put off taking photos of everything...and decided today to get going on at least a few things I've been working on with my newer camera.
I've been experimenting with different techniques and loving all of them. One of the newest things I'm enjoying making is this necklace. The flower is a design by diane fitzgerald and it caught my eye. Usually when I find a design like this I make it as is and then change it up the next time with other little tweaks I want in in. I did do some changing up in the center of this piece and decided to make another. My friend had made one in spectacular black and silvers.
Now on another subject: My bead journal project...I have a lot of catching up to do. I am committing my time this weekend to working on a few months's hoping I can keep that commitment because I am a bit behind. I've been reading all the BJP blogs and there's lots of new talent this year which is so inspiring me! Hope to get to all the new blogs and read the favorites again. I love the 3 month waiting period for the reveal of the work we've all done. It is always a feast for the eyes!


Silver and Czech

Beadwork has come a long way in the last 20 years! I know, because I have been beading over 25 of them. The day my 'magical' package of beads arrived from was a day full of inspiration. Enclosed were their 3mm and 4mm silver plate round beads. My choice were the small hole 'seamless', but artbeads has large hole silver beads as well in larger sizes. Silver beads have been around quite a while and in the southwestern U.S. they are used pretty much as a staple for beadworkers. But now thanks to there are many more sizes and finishes. Now you can pick between large and small hole many beads so little time..sigh. The quality of silver and the quantity of different sizes is what has changed in silver beads. There are much more to choose from now and Artbeads has a great assortment of these beautiful little beads. American Indian beadwork uses silver in many of their pieces. As a member of the Artbeads blogging program, I jumped at the chance to use some of my favorite beads to create some designs for them. The reason I like using silver beads is, although inexpensive, they have a way of making a piece look and feel more like a piece of metalwork when actually it
has been woven of fine beads. The silver beads have a nice weight to them.

In addition to the silver beads was one little masterpiece of a bead frame. I love the sterling silver 4mm Spiral Bead Frame with garnets. I used it for the center of the "Garnet Scroll Bracelet". I originally planned to make a lariat using the frame, as the center, but it began to 'call' to me to be used as a bracelet center. All I needed to add a dash of color for the center of the frame was a 4mm swarovski crystal. I also used the 4mm silver beads from artbeads and wove them in a favorite pattern on either side of the frame. Voila...a metallic looking bracelet is born. These frames are so pretty and I thought they could be used in bookmarks, necklaces or bracelets. They come in 8mm size as well. I continued my use of silver in the southwestern looking cuff with the turquoise and black seed bead accents. I think it looks a bit expensive but the cost was minimal! It also has a nice weight to it which also gives the illusion of expense.
One other choice were Czech fire polish glass facets . I decided to make a spiral rope necklace using the firepolish on the spiral as well as in the petals of the three medallion center pieces. I used black, and clarit for my color pallet. Clarit is a pretty golden color which lends itself to olive tones. The reason I love Czech firepolish beads is because they come in an amazing array of colors and the sparkle in undeniable. Czech firepolish is a cost effective alternative to Swarovski crystal and you get lots of sparkle for your buck. They come in ab finishes, metallics, pearlized, transparent colors and more! They are so easy to work with and fit into all my beadwork designs. I can always find a color perfect to use with my seed beads. I love getting these 'magical' packages from Artbeads and they have free shipping too!!!


As a reviewer of products at, I received the silver beads, czech facets, and silver frame free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of these products positive or negative. I am not being compensated by artbeads for my endorsement as it pertains to the products being received and reviewed.


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