By accident I found a posting on a fellow bjp members blog. I had never visited her blog and found a surprise there. Along with robin atkins, and other bjp members were my tags. Thank you Sara for featuring my tags on your blog, Perline di Saggzza. After neglecting my BJP for a while this was what I needed to get going again...just a little pat on the back is always good for the soul. I do create every day but when I'm holed up alone in the house with no feedback I tend to be the hard critic that I am, on my work, and let some things go by the wayside. Sara's blog is in Italian, but a translator bar is on there. Her pieces are beautiful and full of color and texture. Although translating a blog can be funny at times...some words and sentences just don't translate... the photos say it all.


Blooming Designs

"Blooming Skies" Bracelet
I've been so busy I've neglected my blog for a while, but the truth is I have been busy making up lots of jewelry, traveling a bit here and there teaching jewelry, and now my sisters got me addicted to facebook! I promised myself I would make a huge effort to write in my blog as I used to at least twice a week and cut down on the facebook, we'll see how that all pans out! lol Here are a few designs I've made up lately. This is a design I made up in keeping with my "Tudors" theme of jewelry. I have quite a few 'tudor pieces' on my website, with more to come, and if you've ever seen the show you know they have amazing jewels on there. I love the rich, regal, opulent colors and designs from that time period. My newest design was really fun to make and although it has no genuine jewels, it does have the same feel as if you were wearing them. Lots of crystals, pearls, and seed beads make up this bracelet. It's called "Blooming Skies". Pale aqua shades of blue with earthtone accents in browns and taupes. In some of the shapes I used oval centers rather than rounds.

I've been on this medallion kick for a long while now, and having just got back from Albuquerque and Santa Fe I was in the mood to make something a little more earthy and casual. This makes me think of New Mexico. Not sure why this picture keeps loading sideways since I have it saved the opposite way, but you get the idea of what the bracelet looks like. Made with genuine turquoise strands and a beaded medallion of czech glass and swarovski crystals.


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