Le Bleu Inspiration!

Vintage crystal at left, my bead haul purchase right

What do you do when someone brings out an amazing assortment of vintage swarovski crystal rivolis in pretty colors? Buy them of course. I was on my way out the door, when Kandra showed me these vintage 10mm rivolis I couldn't resist. With one color named Le Bleu.....packaged in Paris and wrapped very carefully in parisian parment and cotton, I could not resist. I have never seen this color ever!!!! She also had 23 mm triangles and squares...Yeaaaa!!! That's what I'm talkin' about. Had to have them even though I thought I was finished with my selection of bead haul. Now, where did I get them? Well, I found out through the 'bead grapevine' that there was a lady selling beads from her garage locally, so I had to find out who and where. I'm always wanting to check out new merchandise and Kandra was the person. She actually has an online shop. I had gone to her store in San Luis Obispo last year, but the store was closed. I only knew the name of the shop, but this year I found out she had closed the store and moved out to our town. I don't know her, however I found out by accident that she is a member of the BJP (bead journal project) which I belong to. Her name is unique and I thought it might be her. I made an appointment to check out all her 'stuff' and boy am I glad I went out there!! After meeting her I see she is another one of us who likes to learn, create, and stay busy with beading. A very nice lady, and her friend was also very nice (I'm so sorry I can't remember her name). It was nice to talk with them both about what we all love to do, beading!! I saw her bead journal pieces up close and personal as well. She does very nice work, and by the time I left my head was spinning with ideas because of all the interesting beads and crystals she carried and the wonderful curio cabinet full of many of the items she had beaded. I thought that was very cool to have that displayed in her living room. My finished beaded things are all hidden away in cases away from my main rooms and I'm thinking I may have to integrate them somehow...(why do I keep them hidden??) I guess I'm so worried that my beadwork will take over my house that I try very hard to keep it separate from my living space. Now don't get me wrong, I have my fair share of beadwork which I'm working on in full view, but for the most part finished items are all put away. My plan was to buy crystal rivolis, and maybe some more triangles, cubes, 15's in more colors, but I came out of there with a lot more than I planned. Fun!A little beaded mermaid I thought was so cute




Spirals have been in the air locally and just lately (AGAIN). Maybe it's because teaching these different versions locally creates a domino effect with one person after another. People cannot get enough of them. Anyone new to beading should learn at least a few basic spiral stitches and there are a lot of them. Right now I'm teaching a basic seed bead spiral at Bead Artistry. One of the first spiral classes I taught locally, was 4 years ago using CRYSTALS in a necklace, this class then graduated to a bracelet class called CRYSTAL SPIRAL photo at bottom right. Everyone went nuts making these bracelets. Students would tell me they make 6 7, 8 of them in a week! Wow. The spiral went away for a while, 'cause of burnout maybe, but now again I'm teaching 3 more spirals. I have found that students made so many pretty versions of interesting colors that everyone wanted to make one of each color and there you go...the domino effect again. Color Blend Spiral at left Friends of friends all making the spiral was inevitable, and now this month a different version of a spiral using color blending techniques. This will be lots of fun!!!! Just using 4 colors students will create a bracelet which looks like 8 colors!! Everyone is excited about this blending technique. It's not new, but it is a new class here, and a fun one for beginners. There are so many different versions of spiral stitches and I have taught many many many different ones in town at both BEAD ARTISTRY and BELLA BEAD, our local bead stores. I've even noticed after not seeing the spiral for a while, that the other local bead stores in town are teaching them again. The domino effect!!! They are fun, easy, and look impressively difficult to make. Wearing a spiral and showing off your new created design just makes people happy and want to make one!! Why not, they are fun and easy!!!! Here's a link to a basic DUTCH SPIRAL this is a tried and true basic spiral stitch. Use different beads rather than the size 8's for a completely different look! Make a spiral and just watch what happens!!! Everyone will want to make one and another and another...


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