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It's that time of year again.........I'm frantically busy making things..and the holidays have yet again snuck up on me...the time just seems to get shorter and shorter these days. My studio is always in need of cleaning and organizing, and I wanted to mention that I have been reading Where Women Create blog for a while now. I'm hoping they do a where women would like to create the same feeling as "Move that bus" show, Home Makeover does. I need that soooo bad. My studio is a studio in motion. My husband and I are always anticipating moving and nothing seems to be permanent in our lives. One our final Dream House that will happen, but for studio is a piece of work waiting to be finished. Where women Create magazine has so much inspiration. One of my favorites was the Marie Osmond issue, I just really do not know how this woman does it and with all the kids she has..Dancing with the Stars and she is a business woman/crafter. Have you seen her dolls? She has a fabulous studio which anyone would love to have and which the magazine featured in a few issues back. They are having a contest now too if you click here you can enter as well...


  1. Hi J
    They couldn't possibly help my space unless they could figure out how to give me more, like a wonderful room addition to the house. I envision myself in one of those heated summer rooms with windows all around and a place to store all the stashes I have from each art/craft I do. And lots of book shelves.

    Yes, the holidays are sneaking up on us quickly. I am thinking I should take a week off. At least a Monday! I would have to have Terry take the puter with him to work so I could be sure to get work done ~ lol~

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    xx, Carol

  2. Carol,I like your vision of the nice, sigh..My vision has lots of shelves and drawers all neatly hidden away behind closed doors so no one can see how addicted I am (lol) and when I'm ready to bead I go to my studio fling open the doors and engulf myself...Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


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