Journal project 2010

One of Robin Atkins beadwork pieces
I think she captured this waterfall so perfectly
This year has flown by and although I haven't finished up my years worth of journals, it has been fun and something to look forward to each day. I encourage anyone who loves writing or journaling and doing beadwork or embroidery of any kind to join this years Bead Journal Project for 2010. It is the brainchild of Robin Atkins, an internationally published author and amazing beadwork artist. There's no pressure to finish your one of a kind, same size piece each month. There is simply the wish for you to spread your creative wings and do what you love, and in the meantime share it to a wonderful group of cyber-friends. Yes, these same cyber-friends will sometimes become your most encouraging group of people with words of advice, and commentary. They are each talented in their own right and you will learn an amazing amount of things and that includes life lessons. I've decided to join the Bead Journal Project for 2010 once again and maybe kick it up a notch, because some of the best talent you've seen is on this project. As Robin would say, "Will you join me? We'll journey together"


  1. Hi Jacquie!
    Glad your in again too. The best friends I have met seem to be coming back and I am looking forward to meeting new members too.
    One of life's pleasures for me.

  2. I'm so tempted to join this. I have been stalking everyone's progress, but just can't seem to commit. What is wrong with me???

  3. Lynn you would do so well, it is kind of a commitment, but there is no pressure to finish, just do as little or as much as you seem to work really fast anyway..and would probably do so much better than I..there's nothing wrong with you..I stalked a while too LOL harm in that either.


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