Lots o' Crystals

The new Palace Green Opal roundel peeks out of these beaded beads
I love using Swarovski roundels in my designs
For this beaded wheel I used the 5305 Swarovski Roundels
Beautiful shades of Indian Pink rondels were used for these beaded beads
I used the 5305 roundels in sapphire blue and topaz

I love shopping at Whenever I want to use crystals they always have what I need. Crystallized Swarovski elements are what I'm looking for. I love making beaded beads and components too, which make their way to becoming bracelets or necklaces. This week I decided to design some fun beaded beads using 5040 style Swarovski Rondels and Autumn earrings using the 3700 margaritas. As you can see lots can be done with a little imagination and Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski roundels so many possibilities!
Swarovski 3700 Margaritas Autumn Margarita Angels
I'm all about crystals in many of my designs. Art Beads has wholesale prices on Crystallized Swarovski Elements in shapes like Margaritas and Roundels . The main thing I enjoy about using the roundels is they are faceted and they are like little saucers! Just those small facets attract the light at all angles. The shape lends itself to use as a spacer and it is PERFECT! Many of my designs incorporate beaded beads so that saucer shape works well in molding and shaping little works of art! I have many many patterns I have designed, including the beaded beads shown above using roundels. For one of my beaded beads, I decided on one of the newer colors in "Palace green opal" it just looks regal when used with topaz and ruby colors. The green peeks through the little windows on the beads. I love it! Roundels can be used for spacers between beads or topping off components for sparkly highlights. Notice on my bracelet design, the spacers are used as a finishing sparkle on top of the squares. Did I say I love sparkle? The roundels come in a great assortment of colors too.

If you have ever wondered what to do with those crystal Margaritas besides just hanging them from an earring, they're perfect to integrate into shapes! A few days ago my shipment of crystals from Artbeads came. Yeeaaae! I've been waiting anxiously 'cause as you can see I had many designs in mind. Autumn is a'comin and even though here in sunny California it's still 100 degrees I'm thinking of fall. It's my time of year. It's the perfect opportunity to use all the fall colors of Margaritas which Art beads carries. I have found they are one of the few companies who offer margaritas in an assortment of colors too. For these angels I used graduated sizes of margaritas from 4mm to 12mm in fall colors like crystal ab, sun, peach, topaz, topaz ab, erinite and light siam. These can be made into a variety of gift items. I made a bookmark, a pair of earrings and an angel pendant using the same general idea. Great gift ideas for holidays. I've used the green shades for Christmas trees too! Try adding roundels for that added sparkle to any design.


  1. Your beaded beads are ultra-fantastic!!! Love the green with the purple in the wheel. And those angel earrings are gorgeous. I can only imagine how the swarovski makes these just pop with sparkle! Enjoy....

  2. Very pretty! I love to look at crystal pieces. I wish I felt comfortable wearing it. I am more of an earthy kind of girl. Not Bohemian earthy. I wonder what I should call my style. I'll have to give that some thought. Anyway, I think your pieces are beautiful.

  3. Love your beaded beads. I wonder how they would look in a crystal bowl on a coffee table. I don't wear jewelry much but like making beaded things.


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