For the last week I have been beading frantically, and not on my bjp unfortunately. I'm still in my "Tudors" phase and worked on three beaded pearl and crystal heart bridal necklaces. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love component beading. That is making small beaded beads, or anything that is less than an inch in size, and then putting those pieces together for a finished jewelry piece. I'm almost finished with this silver rope bracelet using metallic charlotte seed beads. My charlottes are kind of a prized seed bead because they are not easy to find. I actually found them in a little shop in Albuquerque two years ago and have never seen them sold anywhere since. I save them for special designs for sparkle and when I truly want the look of metal in seed beading projects. The bracelet has three floating beaded bead components on it. I just need to put on the clasp portion. Beaded beads are my thing...just love them, and when I have leftovers from a project I try to make a teeny beaded bead with those leftovers and add it to my stash of beaded beads in waiting. In the evening I like to take my beading tray and put it on a tv table tray while I'm watching tv. Lots of baggies of beads, loose beads, seed beads and finished things etc... are in this little container on this convenient little tv table. Sunday night I managed to pop the tray just perfect so that it went flying up and on the floor, not a nice carpet area where the beads would at least stay, but a wood floor! Beads roll and roll and scatter they don't just sit there like on a carpet Nooooooo! Yeah, that was my response a loud echo-ing Nooooooo! Kind of a blood curdling Noooooooo! Everything seemed to be in slow motion like it is when you're in an accident. The dogs ears are up and afraid to move. People are staring, my arms are in the air and grabbing, and all I could do was look at my husband who had a "I knew this would happen someday" look and I started the non enviable task of picking up all the !@#!@! beads! I'm staring at teeny 15's everywhere, my prized metallic charlottes, still rolling and rolling now into the kitchen area..and last night, guess what, I did it again!! Two nights in one week! I think I got them all picked up except for the ones under the darn sofa, which will be there until I move the sofa. This morning I found more under the kitchen table...I know some of you have had this same experience and it is one of the hazards we have to bear isn't it? My response, Oops!


  1. Absolutely beautiful bracelet.

    My husband laughs at me because if I drop even one bead in the carpet, I am down on hands and knees looking for it. I pick pennies up too!

  2. Oh! I wish you could have heard me groaning while I read your post-that is the worst! What a pain-but your bracelet is stunning :)

  3. oops isn't the word for it but I understand you can't always use those kinds of words in public - just kidding! I've done it too and my cat has tipped over my beads several times. I am on carpet so I take a spoon and float it along which gets a lot of them. And then you have to sort out the beads that get so mixed up! Poor you, twice in a week.

    Do you make up your beaded beads all the time or do you have some basics you embellish on?


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