New Life!

The weather yesterday and today has been so beautiful! We even had a cool breeze last night, and I know the major heat is coming so I'm taking advantage of leaving the windows and doors open before the dreaded heat comes again. Putting together kits is what I've been doing this past week, and counting all the beads, making sure each has same number of beads etc..and all the 'fun' things that go with photos, patterns etc., has taken a lot of my time lately. Hopefully it will be worth it. My friend Maria agreed to put the kits in her store since she sells all the great stones that I use for them. If you're ever in the Selma, Fresno area I highly recommend visiting her store (Bead Central). I have managed to fit in making some cute little beaded beads that I'm now addicted to. They take a while to complete, but I think they're worth the effort. Haven't decided how I will use they yet however.


In addition to all my beady things, I have a new grand-niece! Or is that great niece? My nephew and his wife have a new baby...! Peyton Elyse. Isn't that a pretty name? She is a teeny one, only 4 lbs. 12 oz or so, but I saw pics on facebook, which I shared on my wall, and of course her eyes are closed 'cause she needs her beauty sleep for her new life! Just wish I didn't live so dang far away, I miss everything. Thankfully we have email, facebook, for all those precious photos.


  1. Maybe some of your beaded beads could make a gift for the new niece. She is a tiny one!

  2. The beaded beads are fab! That's something I've always wanted to tackle. Maybe this year.....


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