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Momma and baby bird a few years ago nested in my fake fig tree on the porch
Happy Mothers Day! Today Freebird (Timmarree) made a comment that struck a chord with me. She was commenting on my website bio and how I had cut class in high school so I could be in another class (which was art). Even though I never received a grade for this class, I loved it and took it whenever I could. During my 'independent study time class", lunchtime, and even cutting a bookkeeping class I enjoyed the wonderful world of art. One of those art pieces was making a small wooden loom so we could create yarn loomed belts. I made a zillion of them, (maybe not a zillion) but you get the idea. Timarree commented "I had to have it or I would quit school" referring to art or crafts class. I know that feeling all too well. She too had the passion for art at that time. Getting across the fact that my passion takes over my brain sometimes, is difficult to relate to a non artist. When I am not creating I really do get what I call creative overload. This is the sense that so many ideas and juices are flowing that they have to come out someway and if they don't, you don't want to be around me because I get a little grumpy. Working on beading, cooking, painting, stamping or whatever I can to release this energy is what makes me tick. I really feel that my 'defining moment' was in that art class so many years ago. How could I have known then that it would lead me to knowing what my true path in life would be. Does anyone else remember a defining moment in their lives that decided for them that they should be an artist, artistic, creative art machine?


  1. Jacquie!! Been meaning to say I love your jewelry.. and want you to know that you have me renting the first season of Tudors... so far disc 1 & 2 of season 1... Loved your earrings in Bead Trends mag...


  2. OMG, Deb I had never thought to rent the videos! I only saw season 1 and have been in limbo for season 2...will check out the video store today for season 2...thank you thank you! Thank you for the compliments! ;O)

  3. That Deb, she's got me looking for those disc too!! You started it all.

    I have no defining moment in acknowledging my near to be creative. I wish my forte was art. I have it in my head but only stick people come out. lol

    So, my real forte is sewing and needlework. I filled every extra class in high school with sewing,(and because I have a practical side), accounting.

    I have to have a project on deck constantly, or thinking about what the next will be.

    We are lucky that we have learned how to express ourselves. So many people never learn how, or have the desire.

  4. Carol, I consider sewing and needlework to be an artwork form! Sounds like that is something you really enjoy. I sew only small projects that are quick and always admire people who make their own clothes, drapes, etc..

  5. Likewise on the sewing. I tend to leave it alone unless a project reeaally needs it. I've done some quilts but it's not my forte.

    Having a project (more like a dozen at a time) on hand is my norm. I go crazy if there isn't a project to work on. I take them on vacations with me too.


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