Good Day!

Some days are bad, some are sad, some are redundant, and some are just darn good! Yesterday was a 'darn good' day. Although my stone garden bracelet has been in production for a long while now, the Bead Unique article came out finally. In todays mail I received a letter stating what my payment would be for the article! I only had a guess as to what I would get paid, but it was a surprise worth waiting for! Not huuuge or anything, but it was more than expected and that makes it a darn good and pleasant surprise in this economy. It made my day and my beading efforts worthwhile. This bracelet design came about a long 5 years ago, so I guess it has held up its' fashion appeal. I love making fringe, and this bracelet has a lot of it. Using a pretty focal stone is sometimes a challenge as to how best to show it off. Faceted slab stones are all the rage now in the fashion magazines, and I have seen whole strands of them in chunky type necklaces. My stone is amazonite and serpentine jade for the other featured bracelet. It was purchased at Bead Central in Selma. They have a huge variety of stones which you can buy by the strand or individually. My instructions used fireline thread, however since some stones are heavier than others you can string it with soft flex first and attach your toggle with crimps. Then use your fireline to do the fringing.


  1. Yeah for Jacquie! Now you can go buy more beads.....

    Congrats - its a beautiful design!

  2. Congratulations! Yes, that does make for a great day. I don't get that magazine - just can't get them all! I hadn't thought of using a large stone that way though so I can imagine it's 5 year popularity.


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