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Friday I visited my friend Maria in Selma. I've had a 'beading block' for a while now regarding my BJP and can't seem to get out of my funk. She has a bead store (Bead Central) which she has totally revamped and added so many amazing semi-precious stones and beads to. She also has very large selections of buttons, fibers, hats, and cloth purses. She is the type of person who will take old vintage clothing and clothes from her own closet and cut those buttons off if they are unique and interesting. She had an array of interesting buttons when I visited this past week. I love using these as closures in my beadwork. We decided that I will teach a class using some of her cool buttons. A button bracelet would be a fun class to have. There are lots of versions out there in bead world, of button bracelets. To have a source for so many pretty buttons at our fingertips will be fun. She told me many of her buttons are from old clothes from guatemala or brazil so you can imagine how unique they might be. Great prices too. She makes amazing mosaic mirrors too, which you will see when you are in her store. I talked her into putting them all up behind her register where everyone could see them. She had them all hidden behind in the back. They are so beautiful I thought, "show them off". When we get together the wheels start turning. We bounce ideas off each other left and right and by the time I get back to her store she has changed up all her displays and merchandise to what we've spoken about. She gives me tons of ideas too for my jewelry and I go home with a head full of things I want to make using her stones. She likes big and bold and chunky and I tend to like smaller round and polished things, so we tend to compliment each other. Neither one of us is afraid of color! The brighter the better. We also enjoy going to bead shows together! From the minute we met I felt a connection to her, don't know why, but it was almost as if we had known each other for a long time and we just gab and gab away the hours. Although we don't see each other a whole lot it's fun to catch up when we do.

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