Beaded Ornament Class
YiPpeEee! CLASSES are in full swing. My last few classes have been full, and over full (wait list) so it seems lots of you are beading your little hearts away these days. Please check HERE to see what classes are coming up. I think you are going to love the "OPERA SPARKLE" bracelet. Three classes are scheduled and we still have a waiting list for a fourth! I guess you really like the Opera Sparkle. It really does sparkle and it looks like an expensive tennis bracelet.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

    My daughter and her kids would all love to have ornaments like this. I wish there were workshops near me. It seems like workshops where everything is preplanned makes it easier to get some projects done. Can I find a book and make this on my own? Yes, but then I'd, after finding a book which takes time, have to decide what materials to use and so on. Your workshops have got to be popular for this reason even for experienced beaders - beyond the company of beaders.

  2. Hi freebird, I actually have kits of these already made up and ready to go if you are ever interested. Each kit has instructions and beads included. There are a lot of people like you who just do not have the time to shope for specific beads and that's where the kits come in. I like to buy them myself sometimes.

  3. Hi Jacquie! Thanks for commenting on my Art Doll site. Yes, La Mer does mean the sea in French. My middle name happens to be Woods so it all fits quite well for me! I love your work. I have also been a gypsy for many years. I am so happy to finally land in Boulder, Colorado. I plan to stay for quite some time...Wish I could stop into one of your Holiday classes!

  4. In response to your question regarding what kind of bones I find on my hikes...Mostly elk bones. I also have what may be coyote and fox bones. One of my dolls was accepted for publication in the Spring issue of Art Doll Quarterly. She has a beaded face and a lovely bone for her body. I will put her on my site after she is published!

  5. Jacquie, thanks for stopping by to see my Oct. pages. I didn't see a place to email you. Where do I find your kits? I looked on your web page but didn't find them there.

  6. Timaree, I have a "kit" link which was in the archives on my bead gypsy blog. I just updated my blog so you can see the link now. Sorry about that. Once November kicked in everything reverted to the archives and the link was hidden. If you want just the pattern for the ornament it is just $10 without the beads. Thanks again for visiting!!


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