Last night I worked on my Bead Journal Project for November. The leaves are falling around me and here I am beading leaves. I absolutely love the Fall Season that is my time of year. Since I have been taking care of a neighbors child this last week, my beading has gone by the wayside so this week I'm planning on making up for lost time. I'll post pictures this week of my progress. I played around in my photoshop last night with some of my beadwork pictures. I'm making up note cards to use as Thank You's and gifts.


  1. The idea of using pictures of your beadwork as note cards and Christmas cards sounds like a great idea. I've been making handmade cards for years (too, too many) but get tired of having to make them one at a time. The idea of making one prototype and copying off the rest sounds great.

  2. Well, I see a lot of people doing this at craft shows and saw a guy selling pictures of just plain old beads close-up and they were so cool. I thought I can do that!! I like to make handmade Christmas cards every year but this year I may not have time..


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