Happy student with her finished opera sparkle bracelet


April 4 - 09 10:30 and overflow class at 1:30 pm

This is another class that has been a favorite of students! A tennis look bracelet with tons of sparkle. Class was over-full for the first second one in February, so we scheduled another one on April 4, then it became full and a waiting list developed for another. I decided to just have two more classes back to back on this day and although there were lots of students and fun, by the end of the night I was worthless. Beadwork is mentally draining sometimes, that's why they call it a problem solving craft, you use your brain!!! :o) In each class there were a few 'newbies' which always require extra help to get them started. This basic stitch can be tricky for newbies and I usually reserve these classes for people with some type of beadweaving experience. With that said, most students finished their bracelets in class. I have to give lots of props to the newbies who although they struggled a little with taking their work out several times to get it right, they finally 'got it' and were happier for it with a beautiful finished piece. I was surprised to see an 18 year old boy (young man) in class. His mother couldn't make it, and he came in her place! How nice for her, because he, (as most kids his age) picked up the stitch quickly and flawlessly. I'm sure she's going to be so pleased with the finished bracelet which he made. Awesome job John! MARCH


March 7 - 09Lots o' sparkles!!! In this class students learned the basics of right angle weave. Using over 120 4mm swarovski crystals, there was a lot of energy in this class. I learned a long time ago that there are just some people who have a harder time than others 'getting' this stitch. I'm not sure why that is, but it is a fact. I had an added challenge today, when I was told there would be a woman with MS in my class. No problem for me I thought, until I saw her walk in with a walker and I'm telling you my heart went out to this creative soul. She had a very hard time moving her hands much less her legs but I give her all the props, credit, and everything else because she needed to create. She also has a hard time speaking, but told me that she told her husband she had to get out and do somthing creative. Wow, "there but for the grace of god go I" , I thought. She did amazing given the already difficult challenge of hand beading. I thought I had challenges in life? HA! All students finished their bracelets in class, and that includes the new beaders as well. My 'creative soul' did not finish hers, but we tried to get her at least half way done and I know with her spirit she'll finish it at home. AMAZING!

Opera Sparkle Bracelet


Opera Sparkle Bracelet Class #2

February 28 - 09

This is the second Opera Sparkle class I have taught, one at Bead Artistry and one at Bella Bead. Class was full, so it will be repeated twice more due to the waiting list for it. I'm very happy it has been so popular! Next class April 4th at 10:30 and 1:30. Learning this basic stitch was a little challenging in the beginning however thank god for the beautiful blackboard where a diagram is worth a lot!!! Although each has written instructions for this project, I find more and more that students want to be walked through with pictures and demonstrations, so that's what I do. Once they all got going with the base of the bracelet they 'went to town' with their wonderful color combinations and I have to say they all did so very well with their bracelets. The one big thing everyone is always worried about is completing projects at home, but in this case I made sure they put on the toggle ends on both sides and that way their base could be finished up later. Great class and students alike!!

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