On American Idol, Simon and Randy are always talking about karaoke sounding versions of songs. The singer hasn't changed up the song enough to make it his own. Do you ever wonder what that means? It's hard to change up an original like Whitney Houston, but that's what being original is about. If you take a class and then make tons of items using that design and show it off and sell those same items as your design, is that wrong? I have to say yes. If you give credit to the designer or person you took the class from, and received permission to sell some items, then that is a good thing. If you pass the items off as your creations, your designs, and make a ton of money from someone elses design, that is not a good thing. You should always get permission from the original designer to make and sell items from a class you took. I once knew a woman who took a design from a magazine, and began selling this item all around the world. She never gave credit to the designer, and thought that because she used different colors, it was she who was the designer. She couldn't have been more wrong. Changing up colors is not designing. It is Karaoke designing. Changing the stitching, using different beads, and moving stitches around using the same techniques from a class you took, is designing. Alice Korach once said that if the item still looks like the original item and is recognizable as such, then you haven't changed it up enough to make it your design. Any artist wants credit for their work, and in all cases should be compensated for it. Just like song writers, tv writers, who are paid for their work, jewelry artists want to be compensated as well, whether it is by monetary means or verbal credit. Artists take a lot of time with their craft. Designing can be hours, days, weeks of work to get the perfect combination. A two hour class, could have taken the designer weeks to design, test out, make up many samples, tear them out again, re-make, and then let's talk about the instruction portion of the class. Hours of reading, writing, testing making sure that you the student understand the instruction when you take it home.


  1. Anonymous5/12/2008

    I agree with you! I am always amazed at the number of people who cannot actually design. I love learning new things from each teacher. That knowledge is priceless. I'm one of those who immediately is thinking how can I change this design for me. I have noticed that some people simply take classes to learn a design so they can sell it later. Not very cool. Great article.

  2. Anonymous6/24/2008

    What about the people who take classes to just turn around and teach that class to someone else!! That happens all the time and is so wrong and has happened to me a few times only to catch them in the act. Boy were they red and embarrassed!


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