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September - 2008
This month is flying by!!!! Finally the trunk show arrived. I was set up at the front of Bead Central and along with all my items for sale I was working on peyote demonstrations. My main thing today was earrings. I have made so many earrings over the last year it was time to finally get rid of some of them. I also had many kits available this time and sold some of them as well. Lots of food and chatting going on today. Since Maria is a new owner she was anxious to see how a trunk show would go over. There were a lot of other designers whose jewelry was amazing. It was pretty busy most of the day. I sold more than I thought I would and took notes about things people were really liking. All in all pretty good day.
August - 2008
Aaaack!! I am so swamped! How did that happen? I create these projects and plans for myself and then wonder why I have no time. I am back to teaching at two places again for the fall. It takes quite a lot of my time to write up instructions and test them for classes and I think I have most of them done. With the surgery I had at the beginning of this month it put me a little behind, but I'm slowly catching up. I have been so busy making and making and making stuff for the trunk show in September, I sure hope someone actually buys something! Oh and, I cannot wait 'til all my publications come out in print! It is sooo exciting to me. I have three different articles so far, and I'm working on several more. I finally joined the Bead Journal Project this year. I have been admiring all the talented artists on there all last year. Be sure to check my BJP page with my progress each month. I am going to make one project per month for the Project. It challenges my brain, and get's me going places that maybe I never would have gone with design!
June - 23 2008
Christmas in July is what I'm working on this week. Bead Artistry is having their yearly sale in July and the teachers always have one Christmas class which they teach for students to get ready for the holidays. Never to early to make stuff for Christmas I say. Last year I taught mini-snowflakes and wreaths which was fun, and you can get a free tutorial on this website, just look in my archive. This years class is a surprise. You'll just have to go visit the store to see what's coming. Clue: Flat hangs around until it drapes and becomes round. Three new classes this month to write up instructions for. I just am not feelin' it these days. It is tooooo hot!
May 23 - 2008
Nothing makes me crazier than buying a pattern, and not being able to figure out the instructions. I won't mention who the designer is, because I've never heard of her, and I will wait for instructions from her, before 'dogging' her out publically. It appears to me that she is not used to writing instructions and has left out quite a few references. Soooo frustrating. I usually have no problems working up patterns, but a step was left out of this pattern, it goes from step 4 to step 6, and no references to where needle should exit, begin, or anything. Lots of questions throughout the pattern I am sooo frustrated and not enjoying this one at all.
Stay tuned, because the pattern is really pretty, and not complicated from what I can see. To top it off when I emailed her, it came back undeliverable...I'm not smiling anymore.

May 21 - 2008
Monday I went over to BA and decided on coming classes. I think you will enjoy the new things coming up. Since I do a lot of wire working, and have not really had any classes for such in a loooong time I decided on a wire pendant. A new yo yo technique is also a class coming up. Today, I basically am working on my samples for the classes. The weather is a perfect 75 degrees today, and perfect for beading. Housework will have to wait the next few days...'cause I am in the zone for beading. Photo of Sara on a camping trip 2007
May 15 - 2008
I'm thinking about my niece today and how lucky I am to have her. She is special to me!! My first girl niece, I used to take her with me everywhere when she was little. Now she is a Special Education Teacher with a Masters Degree! I still think of her as a little girl. I am so proud of her.

This whole week I have been making samples and more samples for classes. I just can't seem to get my brain to work fast enough with all the ideas I want to do. I made up some cool pendants with pearls and silver that will be a future class. The weather is now warm, and hopefully I can work outside today practicing my glass bead making. I wonder if I will ever be as good as some of the artists in the books I've been reading. Some of those beads are amazing. I'll dream for now and just be happy that the beads I make will be perfectly round and not mishapen. I'm still trying to get enough glass on the rod to make a bigger bead. My beads right now are teeny, but cute. I went to scarab glass and got a new assortment of rods to play with. I was told it is better to use just a few colors all day so you have an assortment of beads that all match up as a set. Great idea!

May 3- 2008
Glass Bead Making!!!!!!!!!!!
I finally broke down and had time to take a glass bead making class. Kristen, a local bead artist set up in the parking lot of Bead Artistry with two tents of anxious ladies. The torches looked a bit scary, and this is the main reason I took the class because self-learning how to use a torch is never a good idea. I have only made a few beads, and they were during a demonstration by Jack Kalpakoff a few years ago. This class uses the hot head torches which are not as hot, but they make beads!!! That's all I care about until I get comfortable enough to go on to the oxygen set ups etc.. My first few beads were so little bitty, I didn't get enough glass melted to cover the mandrel, but they were perfectly round and my dots looked good. Yippeeee!... My second bead was screwed up and had a huge dot of globular glass (technical term) which I decided was the head of my new Bird Bead...I put a teeny black dot for a beak on it, and it was finished!! Now I know how to make bird beads!! (Yea right!) Anyway I enjoyed the class, and promptly set up 'shop' at home outside to practice practice practice...I'll share my before and after beads as I learn. Stay tuned

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