My case at the 2007 Fresno Fair
At the 2007 Fair this year, I entered one case of beadwork as seen here, and I also entered a single entry bracelet. To my surprise and delight, I won two beautiful Blue Ribbons for my entries. I received quite a few emails for special orders on a few of my items. I don't usually do special orders, but since I had plenty of time before the holidays it was no problem.


Penny and Stephanie of Bead Artistry
Oakland - 2008
This show is always full of creativity in the air. Not as many vendors as other shows but the level and quality of fine craftsman is at its' best. There are many artists showing their finished pieces in lampworking, polymer clay, beadweaving, fiber arts etc. as well as patterns galore. This is the place to find collector beads and unusual pieces for one of a kind jewelry. My find of the day were these amazing little baby eyeball beads. I know I know, that sounds strange but they are miniature such as the ones which Laura McCabe uses in her beautiful beadowork pieces. I am going to make a ring! I finally picked up the Karen Shriver video that had been in the works last time I went to babe. Karen Shriver is a polymer clay artist with cane working that is amazing. You would recognize her Kaleidescope and Celtic canes immediately, because they have been featured in many publications. I can't wait to get started on that project. Lisa Kahn was also there. Her book Romantique is one of my favorite bead books. Love her style of beadwork. My LBS bead artistry had a booth here this year. They are the local bead store where I live and I teach beadwork classes. My friend and I separated as always at the beginning and called each other when we saw things we might each like...other than that I didn't see her until the show was at its' end. I did see tons of familiar faces there which was nice!! My favorite seed bead place continues to be Out on a Whim. Their prices are good and they have such a great variety of bugles, squares, hexes, size 15 delicas in all the great colors you could want. I picked up the gold 15 delicas and gold regular size delicas I had been looking for. Pricey but oh when a bead item has these in them, it shines!!! Classes at the show were the usual. Christi Friesen is everywhere as usual too, and sorry, I am just not excited by her stuff. I don't get it. It seems like stuff I have seen in grade school. I have done polymer clay and guess she is simply a matter of taste. Her things are more dragons and turtles and fish which is not me at all. I do like working with polymer but prefer the sleeker realistic lines of Karen Shriver or Janet Farris. Melanie Potter and myself

Always one of my favorite designers, Melanie Potter of School of Beadwork is an amazing beadwork artist. I have learned so many valuable techniques from her that I finally asked if I could have a picture of her. She is so nice. Her patterns are awesome, and have precise diagrams and photos which are easy to follow. I think I have almost every one of her patterns with the exception of maybe 3!! I have never been able to take a class from her. Her workshops are pretty pricey as are her patterns, but I think the knowledge is worth every penny. Her small beaded pins took quite a while to make, but I have made several for family and friends including one with birthstone colors for my grandmother when she turned 100!

Tables and Tables of Beads

Nikia Angel

Nikia Angel was at the show representing Buy the Kit and she had quite a few kits there. Her kits are pretty easy to follow, however I've only bought one or two. I like talking to her because she is from Albuquerque my hometown and she is a nice and knowledgeable person. Her
Sparkly wheel is a pattern that has been seen
everywhere I think in bead magazines books,
etc. and many designers have taught this with her
permission , in their classrooms. She mentioned that
the Bead Renaissance fair coming up is not
all that great and that the one good
one coming up is Bead Fest Santa Fe which
I want to try and go to since it is minutes
away from Albuquerque. Gail Crosman Moore felting a bead
The beginnings of a felted bead! Demonstrated by Gail Crosman Moore
Ok, the minute I heard them announce a demonstration by GCM I ran to the demo table. First one there and in the front row, I had admired her work for many years. I've made felted beads (my version) but never been able to take a class. Her classes are pricey and usually full. She is a delightful person! I enjoyed watching her use her skillful hands to mold and shape these beautiful colorful beads. Just something about the touch you need to whip them into shape. Of course it is all in how you embellish them and choose a shape that is the true skill! I was so so glad to watch her every move and get the inside tips to having a finished bead. Great demonstration and FREE! Gail Crosman Moore also makes awesome and unusual nature beads. Her acorns were amazing! Her floral necklaces again AMAZING

Kate Richbourg demonstrating uses of the letter
stamps and metal blanks for BEADUCATION
I bought my metal stamps 10 years ago and the metal stamps these days have come a long way. BEADUCATION sells their own font which is a cute whimsical version. I got some neat tips about coloring in the letters and sanding for great effects. Free and lots of information in this demo, it was worth watching. I did buy some of their metal stamps in assorted designs. And the greatest tips by far was the metal hole punch. Why didn't I know about the $15 tool before I spent 39.95 for the scrapbooking version "the Cropadile". As far as I know Beaducation are the only people who carry these metal stamps for metalsmithing, although I wonder if they are the same as the tried and true versions of stamps which the leather workers have used over the years.

Fresno - September 2008
Show is held yearly at the Ramada at Hwy 41 and Shaw. I look forward to seeing some favorite booths. It seemed like they had less vendors this year, but there were new faces I had not seen previously. I immediately hit Bead Artistry's booth (they have a local bead store) and they were offering kits for their caterpillar bracelets. They had lots of glass strands in new styles and shapes that I had not seen before. Melanie Potter is always a favorite of mine and her beadwork is one word, EXQUISITE. She is a published artist and I'm always in awe of her use of size 15's in her beadwork. I always buy a kit or two from her because her instructions are very clear and precise and her illustrations are very very good. I did see Janet Farris who does amazing things with polymer clay and is a published artist as well. Her booth was swamped with polymer lovers, and I never did get to it. I was holding back a bit because I have a trip coming up where I plan to buy lots'o'beads, but then I saw Green Girl Studios...Ok that's when my control was a little challenged. I love their stuff. The vendor told us the story of how Green Girl Studios came about...and how each of their little charms is something that has washed ashore that the 'green girl' , mermaid with legs has found. Green Girl is very fairytale and the charms range from mermaids, tree of life, to fairies and pod or leaf pieces. I bought a lot here!!! If you go to the show early, selection is at its' best and you will avoid the crowds. CCBS has a raffle table with items made by all the members for giveaways. The tickets are only a 1.00 and there are many beautiful hand beaded pieces you can win.
San Mateo - JUNE 2008
This show had lots of gemstones!! Lots of jewelry booths too. I was only interested in the gemstones however, and Maria and I split up at the door. She went to wholesale. In past experience I have found wholesale to not be all that great in pricing versus the regular showroom, but I did find a $2 and $3 strand table with amethyst, citrine, carnelian and basic gems. I've seen those in the stores going for $10 and up a strand. No one was giving receipts which I found odd, so I was constantly asking for itemized receipts. My little calculator came in handy as I added my items before checkout. Sometimes "they don't add up" and it's too late to fix that error once your in the car 300 miles away. My phone wouldn't work in here so we only periodically met up just to check up and compare notes with what we were finding. Maria brough along her roll along cart which is perfect if you are buying in huge quantities like she does. I did take a large shopping bag and wore comfortable shoes. I like this show for the good buys. There are no kits/designers selling their kits, which is fine with me. This is a designers buying market and bead store buying place.
Oakland - 2007
This is the first time I have actually made it to this show. Every year, I was either out of town, or had something else planned, so I was really looking forward to it this year. I had heard it is an 'artists show', with mainly lampwork and artist beads for sale. I took the train for the first time as well, and it was fun! Saved quite a bit on gas, so that was fantastic in itself. Upon entering the convention center it was noticeably empty, no lines to get in, and this was definitely a sign of what was to come. It's a good idea to see if anyone is giving away coupons on line for a few dollars off the entry fee. My friends, who I went with provided all of us with coupons for $2 off. There were a lot of vendors, but it was a bit expensive for my taste. Whim beads is a favorite of mine, they sell a huge assortment of seed beads, triangles, bugles, crystals...and I bought colors and shapes I can't find locally. I also bought some pretty lampwork glass flowers from fireweed beads. They sell on ebay, and had some nice charlottes, that I never never pass up! I didn't take any classes, because none really impressed me, and I can only assume the reason it was very slow the day I went, was because people were either in class, or everyone shopped on Saturday. I was looking for specific things, and finally found them in the last booths I came across. I honestly was a bit disappointed maybe because of all the hype I hear about this show. My bead haul wasn't too bad, and I had a lot of fun talking with Nikia Angel, from my hometown Albuquerque.
Seahorse Pendant from Unicorn Beads
Fresno - 2007
September 2007 - I had the pleasure of working with Doug Ho of Unicorne Beads! I love their lampwork beads, and have been buying them for many of my designs for a while now. The company began in 1967, and people would be surprised to know that the company began as glass artists for Disneyland. They have made many of the the beloved Disney character figurines licensed by Disney. I thought that was pretty cool, so they have a nice history with lampworking and glassmaking. Their beads are made of borosilicate glass which is a break resistant glass similar to your glass measuring cup (tempered glass)and this makes it perfect for jewelry. I heard many people commenting that "they must be made in China" because there was such a large quantity and selection of designs, but this is not true. The beads are all made in the U.S.A., and designed by their company to their specifications. They do use glasswork artists in other states to help them out, but they are not made in China. Remember the YO YO BEADS (no holes!!! just a channel), and the TEAR DROP BEADS featured on OPRAH in the May issue of her magazine? Well these are their original designs! I was happy to see many of my friends stopping by the booth and the booth was pretty much busy the whole day with lots of ooohs and aaaahhhs to go with their comments! Good to see everyone, since I have been a hermit lately beading for some current projects I have coming up this year.
I wasn't able to shop too much this year aside from going to a few of my favorite booths, but I saw many of my students past and present and met quite a few new friends. This years show seemed smaller to me and not a whole lot of new faces. I hope next year they bring in some new vendors.
Beadworks Expo Show
Oakland, California April - 2007
For this show, Marty and I got up very very early in the wee little hours of 4am or so, and actually met up at Starbucks at around 5am. She parked her car and we drove out together in mine to the Oakland Show. I really wanted to leave early to get there from beginning to end. We couldn't have timed it perfect enough, and even got a great space no less than 10 yards from the front door of the convention center!!! AMAZING. I parked at a parking meter spot allowing two hour parking....this we had not expected, so we both scrounged for quarters to fill it up and planned to just return and put in more quarters once the 1 and half hours was we could keep it full. Hey better than $16 or so to park in the garage right???? Inside they hadn't even opened the doors yet, so we stood in line and picked up some free samples at the door of lampwork beads in packs of 4. Very Cool!!! Before we even got in I spotted Vickie Cederquist who makes great lampwork beads! She had a booth here as well, so we chatted a bit and then the Doors opened and as usual the adrenaline rush of
Oh mah Gaaah@#@!!!@!!!**&#!!!&**#@! Look at all the beads!! Which way to go? We were greeted up front by Interwweave Press (Beadworks ) employees first thing. The editor in fact was making some pretty cool little 3d raw (right angle weave) box things, and we signed up for the new on line magazine they will be presenting this month with all kinds of bead stuff info on it. My mission was to find kits and unusual lampwork beads and swarovski components as well as Rivolis. Ok, that went out the door immediately as I saw lots of new cool stuff everywhere. Well, I really need to stick to my mission and I was determined to do that. I think Marty was looking more for kits and informational videos on lampworking and classes. Laura McCabe had a booth with her pieces displayed in person. They are so much more beautiful in person and I was kind of in awe of her and that booth. She gave me a 30% discount for my rivolis I purchased from her!!! Very cool. Not a lot of kits at this show, although I did get a few here and there. I kind of went crazy in the Sonoran booth with all their lampwork beads that have glints of gold in them. I had spent a good amount and told them it was no tax, when they said oh....take three free items...any three items are free which I was like ok,,,, this is great! then when they totaled my bill my 3 free items became added into the price and then given a 20% discount....Uh Huh!!! be careful of this my friend. Check your bills before you pay!!!! My favorite booths were the Ubead crystals (great prices). Melanie Potter and Stephanie Eddy had some pretty kits, and there were lots and lots of booths with lampwork leaves, flowers etc. All in all the show was good, we had fun, and plenty of beads. It's a good idea to go to more than one show a year to get a good idea of what is out there. I completed my mission of getting kits, and rivolis and crystals and then some, so I was happy!

Northern California Bead Society Show
Oakland, Ca.
This show was only 70 or so vendors, so we weren't too sure whether it would be a good show or not. It did not disappoint!!! It was in the Oakland Convention Center and I think the quality of vendors there was fantastic. I saw many of the designers who are featured in our beading bibles like Bead and Button, Bead Unique, and Beadwork magazines, many of them selling great kits of which I went waaay overboard in purchasing and I found a lot of unique items there in the way of lampworking and felting materials. I loved this show! It was amazing for me to see just how many designers come from California. What a talented bunch of designers there are! One of my favorite kits I picked up was from scorpio beads. Her lampwork poppies were so pretty! I also got a sunflower to make another kit. I worked it up the next day, no problem. Very easy to make! You can find the kits here: and tell her I sent you! She collaborates with another lampwork artist who makes really pretty leaves!!! They are wonderful as well. We spent over 5 hours here....I was taarred! I am getting old!! I just can't walk all day for hours and hours like I used to! But What fun and my head is exploding with ideas and patterns and design ideas that there are not enough hours in the day!!!


" MOMS PEARLS" is a design I did as a special order for a local mans' wife for a birthday present,
I originally made this design for my mother.
"LITTLE POUCH" 2006 - beaded bag in peyote, and herringbone, fringe techniques with beaded button

"PLUM ODYSSEY" 2007 - is a design from a magazine using peyote and herringbone stitches
CHRISTMAS BEADED BEADS - 2006- This was a fun design to come up with, and I have had lots of successful classes with it.

Jack Kalpakoff made these for me when I showed him some pretty flowers beads I wanted for a bracelet. These glass flowers are what he came up with for my fringed bracelet.

Diamond Peyote Bracelet

The pieces in my gallery are only a very small portion of recent jewelry pieces I have been working on. They represent my growth as an artist and my abilities as teacher and designer. I have taken classes with and learned techniques from national teachers like Paula Walter, Leslie Frazier, Tracy List, River Rose, Marcia DeCoster, and Laura McCabe, as well as basic techniques at local bead stores where I have lived in many cities across the US as well as Europe. Living in and around Santa Fe and Albuquerque, where art galleries and beadwork is on every corner, had quite a lot of influence on my style. I have taught myself many techniques by reading through books and jewelry design literature. Although I enjoy creating art in every form, from collages, papercrafts, painting, and general crafting, jewelrymaking has always been a 'constant' passion, and has been for over 20 years now. I love working with beaded beads, small components and then combining them with silver findings. I also enjoy working with wire and I become obsessesed with one or two techniques at a time, get bored with them or just plain wear them out, and go on to new techniques. This keeps me forever busy and looking for new ways to integrate all that I have learned for new and fresh designs.

Little Pea Pod Pendant, basically peyote variation


Original netted Bracelet Design by Jacquie Carlson
Original Bubble Beads bracelet designs by Jacquie Carlson, as seen in the "Bead Bugle" magazine.

An original beaded bead bracelet design in jade and purple seed beads, by Jacquie Carlson.

My take on a bracelet design by Kate Mckinnon

Purple and Brass seed beads shape this cross bracelet I designed in 2006

Bracelet/anklet design made in a class with Marcia DeCoster. This is my version of her design.

dAiLy bLOg

September - 2008
This month is flying by!!!! Finally the trunk show arrived. I was set up at the front of Bead Central and along with all my items for sale I was working on peyote demonstrations. My main thing today was earrings. I have made so many earrings over the last year it was time to finally get rid of some of them. I also had many kits available this time and sold some of them as well. Lots of food and chatting going on today. Since Maria is a new owner she was anxious to see how a trunk show would go over. There were a lot of other designers whose jewelry was amazing. It was pretty busy most of the day. I sold more than I thought I would and took notes about things people were really liking. All in all pretty good day.
August - 2008
Aaaack!! I am so swamped! How did that happen? I create these projects and plans for myself and then wonder why I have no time. I am back to teaching at two places again for the fall. It takes quite a lot of my time to write up instructions and test them for classes and I think I have most of them done. With the surgery I had at the beginning of this month it put me a little behind, but I'm slowly catching up. I have been so busy making and making and making stuff for the trunk show in September, I sure hope someone actually buys something! Oh and, I cannot wait 'til all my publications come out in print! It is sooo exciting to me. I have three different articles so far, and I'm working on several more. I finally joined the Bead Journal Project this year. I have been admiring all the talented artists on there all last year. Be sure to check my BJP page with my progress each month. I am going to make one project per month for the Project. It challenges my brain, and get's me going places that maybe I never would have gone with design!
June - 23 2008
Christmas in July is what I'm working on this week. Bead Artistry is having their yearly sale in July and the teachers always have one Christmas class which they teach for students to get ready for the holidays. Never to early to make stuff for Christmas I say. Last year I taught mini-snowflakes and wreaths which was fun, and you can get a free tutorial on this website, just look in my archive. This years class is a surprise. You'll just have to go visit the store to see what's coming. Clue: Flat hangs around until it drapes and becomes round. Three new classes this month to write up instructions for. I just am not feelin' it these days. It is tooooo hot!
May 23 - 2008
Nothing makes me crazier than buying a pattern, and not being able to figure out the instructions. I won't mention who the designer is, because I've never heard of her, and I will wait for instructions from her, before 'dogging' her out publically. It appears to me that she is not used to writing instructions and has left out quite a few references. Soooo frustrating. I usually have no problems working up patterns, but a step was left out of this pattern, it goes from step 4 to step 6, and no references to where needle should exit, begin, or anything. Lots of questions throughout the pattern I am sooo frustrated and not enjoying this one at all.
Stay tuned, because the pattern is really pretty, and not complicated from what I can see. To top it off when I emailed her, it came back undeliverable...I'm not smiling anymore.

May 21 - 2008
Monday I went over to BA and decided on coming classes. I think you will enjoy the new things coming up. Since I do a lot of wire working, and have not really had any classes for such in a loooong time I decided on a wire pendant. A new yo yo technique is also a class coming up. Today, I basically am working on my samples for the classes. The weather is a perfect 75 degrees today, and perfect for beading. Housework will have to wait the next few days...'cause I am in the zone for beading. Photo of Sara on a camping trip 2007
May 15 - 2008
I'm thinking about my niece today and how lucky I am to have her. She is special to me!! My first girl niece, I used to take her with me everywhere when she was little. Now she is a Special Education Teacher with a Masters Degree! I still think of her as a little girl. I am so proud of her.

This whole week I have been making samples and more samples for classes. I just can't seem to get my brain to work fast enough with all the ideas I want to do. I made up some cool pendants with pearls and silver that will be a future class. The weather is now warm, and hopefully I can work outside today practicing my glass bead making. I wonder if I will ever be as good as some of the artists in the books I've been reading. Some of those beads are amazing. I'll dream for now and just be happy that the beads I make will be perfectly round and not mishapen. I'm still trying to get enough glass on the rod to make a bigger bead. My beads right now are teeny, but cute. I went to scarab glass and got a new assortment of rods to play with. I was told it is better to use just a few colors all day so you have an assortment of beads that all match up as a set. Great idea!

May 3- 2008
Glass Bead Making!!!!!!!!!!!
I finally broke down and had time to take a glass bead making class. Kristen, a local bead artist set up in the parking lot of Bead Artistry with two tents of anxious ladies. The torches looked a bit scary, and this is the main reason I took the class because self-learning how to use a torch is never a good idea. I have only made a few beads, and they were during a demonstration by Jack Kalpakoff a few years ago. This class uses the hot head torches which are not as hot, but they make beads!!! That's all I care about until I get comfortable enough to go on to the oxygen set ups etc.. My first few beads were so little bitty, I didn't get enough glass melted to cover the mandrel, but they were perfectly round and my dots looked good. Yippeeee!... My second bead was screwed up and had a huge dot of globular glass (technical term) which I decided was the head of my new Bird Bead...I put a teeny black dot for a beak on it, and it was finished!! Now I know how to make bird beads!! (Yea right!) Anyway I enjoyed the class, and promptly set up 'shop' at home outside to practice practice practice...I'll share my before and after beads as I learn. Stay tuned


On American Idol, Simon and Randy are always talking about karaoke sounding versions of songs. The singer hasn't changed up the song enough to make it his own. Do you ever wonder what that means? It's hard to change up an original like Whitney Houston, but that's what being original is about. If you take a class and then make tons of items using that design and show it off and sell those same items as your design, is that wrong? I have to say yes. If you give credit to the designer or person you took the class from, and received permission to sell some items, then that is a good thing. If you pass the items off as your creations, your designs, and make a ton of money from someone elses design, that is not a good thing. You should always get permission from the original designer to make and sell items from a class you took. I once knew a woman who took a design from a magazine, and began selling this item all around the world. She never gave credit to the designer, and thought that because she used different colors, it was she who was the designer. She couldn't have been more wrong. Changing up colors is not designing. It is Karaoke designing. Changing the stitching, using different beads, and moving stitches around using the same techniques from a class you took, is designing. Alice Korach once said that if the item still looks like the original item and is recognizable as such, then you haven't changed it up enough to make it your design. Any artist wants credit for their work, and in all cases should be compensated for it. Just like song writers, tv writers, who are paid for their work, jewelry artists want to be compensated as well, whether it is by monetary means or verbal credit. Artists take a lot of time with their craft. Designing can be hours, days, weeks of work to get the perfect combination. A two hour class, could have taken the designer weeks to design, test out, make up many samples, tear them out again, re-make, and then let's talk about the instruction portion of the class. Hours of reading, writing, testing making sure that you the student understand the instruction when you take it home.


Finished June 2008
This bracelet was a kit made up by Bead Artistry. They are great at putting together just the perfect colors. Lots of 4,5,6mm beads and crystals as well as interesting natural stone shapes, and enough beads to complete the bracelet were inside the kit. I chose a pinky beige color for my bracelet, and bought the kit before they put in the findings and thread because the colors were so pretty. They are new at putting kits together, so the instructions were a little vague with no detailed photos or examples of what to put together for your fringing. Granted it is a pretty free form design, but if your a beginner it's nice to have guidelines and examples. I took a photocopy of the actual bracelet so I had somewhat of an idea of how they put together the original bracelet. Instead of using soft flex as they suggested as the original base, and then using fireline for the fringe, I used fireline for the entire project so that it would have a more fluid feel to it. It took 6 hours or so to make, and I love the finished results. Photo to come

Finished - October -2007
First of all I have to say my instructions differ from my friends instructions for the same pin. Steps have been moved around and bead size substitutions were different as well. Not sure which kit came first, but it is something to make note of.

The Crystal Pin Kit by Melanie Potter, which I purchased a few months ago, is a small pin with points of crystals. Heavy and substantial it is a fine beadwork piece! The kit comes with supplies for two, of which I was able to pick my color schemes. I decided on a pearl kit and a crystal kit. The kits are expensive, but I think well worth the knowledge. The finished result of this kit is spectacular I have to say. I decided to make my piece a pendant rather than a pin. Her instructions were very good, although there was just one little part in it, that was a bit confusing, where originally I worked on the front, it was clear to me this was not correct and I took it out and worked it on the back to get it to work up correctly. Correcting it was not a major issue, and honestly it looked good this way too!!(Isn't that how many great new ideas come about?) There were plenty of beads in the kit, and her instructions are all in color. I would give her diagrams a score of 9 out of 10, because there were a few questions of placement...but overall instructions were very good and I was pleased with the ease of the wording. This is not a kit for a beginner however. One or two portions skimmed over basic knowledge of a particular stitch, which is no biggie to me, but if you're a beginner this might be a problem. It took me 6 or so hours each to make. If you do get stuck with this type of pattern, I'm sure she would be happy to help via phone or email. I love my pendant and it certainly would be something to hand down to the next generation as a vintage beaded piece. The only complaint I have is finding more supplies (the crystal drops) to make more. Not everyone carries the crystal faceted drops or the teeny rose montees.BERRY AND LEAF BRACELET
Finished - September-2007
I finished!!! The Berry and Leaf Bracelet kit by Stephanie Eddy is fun and challenging. I had been periodically working on this kit since April. (I've been way busy!!) This is a great kit to pick up, take with you, and put down. Lots of small components that each work up quickly. If you love leaves this is for you!!!! I have taken this project with me on many air trips. Aside from this project, I was able to work on other things and set this one aside. I do love the finished result. The kit had enough beads, good color combination, easy to follow instructions. All beads clearly marked as to which color to use. She includes a photo of an actual size finished base which you may use to measure your wrist. I will say that it helps to have a knowledge of putting together components. There were no instructions for how to put all the pieces together once you finished them all up. The fill-in glass leaves had no instructions on how to put them on, but I had no problem with this since I have used leaves quite a lot in designs, so this is a consideration if you are a beginner. You must rely solely on the photograph in the kit and your own design sense and skills. I placed all the beading components in my own version of what I saw in the photo and how I liked it to look. It worked up great! I made extra components and filled in here and there. I have made other designs of Stephanie's and they are equally beautiful.


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