On this page are classes which I have taught throughout the year. Browse through and see if anything 'jumps out at you' I will most likely teach it again. I also teach groups. Contact me if you are interested in having a get together with friends. Most classes are geared to beginners, however a few do have pre-requisites. I find it better to teach beginning classes because once techniques are learned, students can master pretty much anything they choose if they have instructions. More advanced classes are available on request.
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Opera Sparkle Bracelet
December - 2008
Class at Bead Artistry, students learned the tried and true stitches every beader needs to know. Bracelet is a sparkler, with over 25 6mm crystals on it, it is a large version of a Tennis Bracelet. So fluid on the wrist and a beautiful "attention getter". Beginner students had a bit of a time learning the basic weave, but once they repeated it over and over they each finished their bracelets with ease.
Spring version of the Holiday Garden Bracelet
Holiday Garden Bracelet
December - 2008
I love it when students are having fun, and shrieking with delight after they have completed something. In this class at Bella Bead, students made up small, medium, and large flower components to dangle from a gold or silver chain. As they beaded they remarked how simple it was and how much they loved their flowers. The wheels were already turning as to what other colors they were going to make in the future. Love it!! Yes..most beading is simple, it is just getting the instructions and techniques down. I wish people were not so intimidated by finished projects and say "I could never do that". This is why I have classes. They are a good way to learn new techniques, meet new people, and have fun. My favorite color combination was one in a silver-white petal and pale yellow center...had to buy that color combination for myself for a spring bracelet. Beaded Ornament Cover
November - 2008
I have been wanting to have a class with this design in mind for a long time. There are many many covers available on the market, but this one is a mini-cover pattern. Students learned the basics of Netting. Great holiday class and this pattern can be used for many gift ideas during the holidays. Students each finished before the 2 hour end of class.
Spiralicious Bracelet
November - 2008
My last class was overfull, so this class brought in all the people who were unable to get into it. Fun as usual, this is a great class to learn one of the many SPIRAL TECHNIQUES out there. I like to add sparkle and shine to all my projects, and this was no exception. Most everyone finished their bracelet in a 2 and half hour class. GYPSY FRINGE BRACELET
November - 2008
Class was full, and there were a lot of beginners in here today. My second class with this design, this is a great bracelet to learn basic peyote stitch. I think the most challenging thing in this class is learning to thread your needle. I actually had one lady who does not sew, and had to show her the proper use of the needle in beadweaving! What a way to learn how to use a needle and thread. Each student came away from the class with a finished project which they were very proud to have finished. As usual the colors my student pick were beautiful. My favorite was shades of golds and pearls. FREE WORKSHOP
October - 2008
Basic peyote and how to zip up tubes
Fun, fun, fun...and whoa were there a lot of people. Amazing how many people come out when there is a free class isn't it? I had 14 sign-ups, but we had to stop sign-ups, 'cause there's only one of me!! ;o) Peyote is a basic stitch, however students also learned several patterns like polka dots, stripes, swirls, and checks! All for FREE!!! SPIRALICIOUS
October - 2008
I love Spiral Stitch, and this very over full class proved that they love spirals too. Although there were at least 7 brand new beaders in this class of 10 they proved to be very attentive and wanting to learn this stitch. I was so impressed with the color pallettes everyone picked out and the ease with which they all beaded away their spirals. Most people came close to finishing their bracelets that night. CHARMING STREAMERS BRACELET
October - 2008
Lots of new beaders in this class so I was more than a little afraid..I had 10 students which is more than I usually like in a group, but that fear was alleviated once we began the brick stitch. A lot of the students had already taken some of my other basic beading classes, so that was a bit of a head start into this one. Brick stitch is an easy stitch however you use the threads rather than the beads to hook everything together. I was very proud of everyone in this class because they did struggle in the first 30 minutes to get the pattern down, but then beaded like pros when they did their second end piece. This particular pattern is a familiar one which has been done in many forms by many people. I chose to do it with lots of charms.
September - 2008
This is the first of a series of basic stitch classes I will teach at Bella Bead. Most of the people who shop at Bella Bead at this time, are more into stringing than weaving. The most basic class turned out to be a bit challenging for those who had no idea what to expect in the way of beading. Herringbone however is very easy to learn and with a repetitive pattern such as this, all students caught on after a while. I use to say anyone can learn beading, but there are just some people who are not patient enough stick with it. You usually know right away if this is the thing for you or not. Those who have problems with intricate beadwork are usually people who are not willing to take the time to work out problems or do not have the patience.

April - 2008
I love Spring! and with Spring come new ideas and renewed energy. This class brought all that and more. Taught at Bead Artistry, this spiral is a bit challenging, as I heard moans and groans in the beginning, I reassured them that it will get easier. They all agreed it got easier as they learned the technique and each of the students whipped up some very pretty spirals of crystals and pearls. Full class which we repeated later on in the week. Class Fee $20
March and April- 2008
This class was at Bella Bead. My new series of basic stitch classes is a success with lots of new beaders and long time designers who wanted to learn the basic stitches in beading. They learned how to make a pretty wave bracelet while they learned the intricacies of herringbone. This class taught them how to weave with a beautiful chevron pattern called herringbone. A very old and ancient stitch, it still continues to be a very versatile stitch. They also learned how to make patterns shape and move by just using different size beads. Great Class. It will be repeated in May and June. Class Fee$25 Petite Butterfly Class
March - 2008
Love Love Love these little things. They work up quick, and easy. Students were very happy with all their great color combos, and I was impressed with how quick they each picked up the instructions. The wheels were turning quickly as to how they could make more with different colors and I gave them a quick rundown of all the many many things they could do with these little butterflies. It was really funny that there was a different pattern for butterflies in the current months Bead Magazine. This was not the same pattern however, although it looked similiar It worked up very different. Lots of fun in class! Class Fee $20 Basic Peyote Cuff Class
MARCH and APRIL - 2008
Although this class says basic peyote, it is actually a Peyote Cuff Class where students learn how to make a flat even count peyote cuff, create a clasp, and make netting along a peyote base. The class was full of wide-eyed students wondering about peyote and whether they would be able to do it. Most picked up the technique quickly but struggled with the first row of peyote. It can be a 'bugger' to begin sometimes if you leave too much slack. I came out of the class picking up some different color combinations in beads because my students had picked so many wonderful colors. Friendly faces and new students alike, they all completed their projects in class and were very happy about having a finished project. Great Class. $25 Class Fee Spring Flowers Bracelet
MARCH - 2008
This class is a 1/2 day workshop. Because there are so many flowers and techniques to learn, we took a 1/2 hour lunch break. I had planned out each flower and component with a specific timeline because I wanted to make sure they learned every technique. I think the students were pleasantly surprised with the ease of the stitches. They learned peyote and herringbone variations, and how fun is it to make lots and lots of colorful flowers for the Spring? The colors abounded with pinks, yellows, reds, purples. I love leaves and this class allowed the student to decide how many leaves they would add. Each time a flower was completed I heard an exclamation of joy at how easy and quick they were. Great Class for intermediate beaders who have a knowledge of peyote and herringbone. A brand new student won the giveaway gift. Congratulations Patsy!! $30 class fee HANG YOUR HEART BRACELET
I love this bracelet. I love Valentines, so having this class was fun. I made up lots of little valentine bags with goodies and we crowned the Queen Of Hearts, who happened to be Penny. In order to wear the crown, however she would have to 'muss' up her hair...These tiny little sparkling hearts were fun to design and although some said it was just like right angle weave, it actually is very different. This was triangle weave which requires you to be very attentive to the instuctions and instead of repeatedly going through the same beads, triangle weave is constantly going through different beads and around and up and down. Although a bit challenging at first it only took minutes for the first person to complete her first heart of 8 for the bracelet. This design is an original so you won't find this class taught by anyone except myself.Class came with kit, $40 including crystals, pearls, findings. Without kit $25
JANUARY - 2008
January is a funny month, I wasn't sure about having class so soon after Christmas because people are busy reorganizing their house, cleaning, and basically have spent all their money during the holidays...but to get the ball rolling for the new year we had the Egyptian Earring project. An original design by "moi", students learned brick stitch, which can be tricky because it is not beadweaving in the traditional sense. Using size 15 seed beads is challenging in itself and for this project, a good pair of magnifiers is essential, as well as good lighting. Small project, with an elegant look. I think the hardest part for students was doing the basic ladder stitch to begin the project. They quickly learned that bringing in other colors can make this design look very different every time you make it. $20 project fee, mimimal seed beads and crystals for supplies.


  1. Anonymous3/14/2008

    You're a wonderful teacher. Thank you for your patience. I will see you in your next class!
    Paige L. (remember me?)

  2. Anonymous5/02/2008

    Your classes are inspiring. Thank you for being so patient. I look forward to your next class.


  3. Anonymous5/12/2008

    I suffer with a disability which makes it difficult to move my hands. Thank you for being so patient with me.


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