December as always, has been a whirlwind of activity for me. From past experience I start all my holiday jewelry gift making in July if possible...YES is the only way to get everything done. This December it is still a bit hectic, but this year I am breezing along because I got all my shopping done (most of it) bye the end of November...Yipppeee!!!! This bracelet takes quite a bit of patience to make, a lot of time and effort as well, but I love it. Doesn't it look vintage and expensive? Anything worth having is worth spending the time doing. I think so, and have been making them since I took a class at bead artistry this past fall. It combines stringing, weaving with fireline and softflex!

This month I've been making lots of wreaths, and more wreaths. I took a class from Suzette LaMar on the Victorian Wreath bracelet. I love making these little things and the finished bracelet is really pretty. Using just 3 or 4 colors and changing the placement of the colors gives each wreath a whole new look. I have a very old pattern I designed for a small wreath years ago. My pattern doubles as a snowflake too, so it is very versatile. I decided to make a necklace with a large focal point with more teeny wreaths hanging from it...will post the photos soon.
I have an obsession with medallions and now lately have been into the geometric shapes. I have learned how to make lots of triangles, and square shapes of toggles and am really having lots of fun with them. I bought a kit at a recent bead show, and changed it up a bit to make my own version of some medallions. I'll post that picture soon. I think it came out pretty nice. Instead of using swarovski drops which are hard to come by locally, I used leaves and the results are very different and more like me. The circles and circles in the bracelet above are from a current article in Beadwork magazine. It took a long while to complete because it is comprised of many components such as the ropes, toggle ends, and end caps. It is worth the effort in my opinion. It has so many color possibilites and ways to change it up. JULY-2007
While cyber-scanning beadwork articles, I found a picture of a cute bracelet that I wanted to re-create in my own colors and styles. I didn't want to buy the pattern, so I worked it up the way I thought it was made and this is what I came up with. I really like the flowing little daisies on here, and decided to make another one in sunflower colors for my sister. She loves sunflowers! What do you think? I really love combining beadwork and chain too, I have a couple other beadwork items that combine chain with simple stitches and it just seems to add a little more substance and interest to projects. JUNE-2007
I have seriously got to back into the swing of things, and now is the time to work on 4th of July stuff!!! Be sure and check out the free pattern for the little tube red/white/blue beads. You can make bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or anything fun with them. Last night I finally got into a beading project...!!! I'm working on red, white and blue 4th of July earrings. NEW PATTERN They look like the buntings you put on your porches. (I know that sounds bizarre!) I will post the pattern (for free!! and just for my students) on the Bead Play site. I think they came out very cute. Made with delicas they have a more uniform appearance and are smaller than if using size 11's. Will post the photo tonight!

MARCH - 2007
My latest designing has me working on little shamrock bracelets. I began making little shamrocks first with simple beadwork techniques, and then I moved on to using crystals to shape my shamrocks. I wove them together with small versions and large versions to give it a little more interest. I wanted something to celebrate my Irish/Swedish heritage and am always working on some type of project which is Irish, when St Patricks day is on the 'horizon'. Using 6mm size crystals for the shamrocks and 4mm size for the smaller between ones, all across, for the base of the bracelet. Will Post picture later on "Bead Play".

Some new things I have been playing with are this heart bracelet designed by Yvonne Rivera which is in her bracelet book. It is very easy and just requires you to know one stitch. I also made up a new bracelet pattern design with crystals for a "Valentine Look" . Components are fun!!! I really wanted this to have a valentine look so I used siam and fuschia swarovski crystals. This was a fun bracelet to make.

February - 2007
Ok, so these are the "bracelets from hell" as the designer claims. That is such an awful way to refer to such a pretty bracelet. They take time, effort and I think are well worth the wait to get them done, hence the given name "bracelets from hell". What do you think? Granted they take lots of focus and concentration to get them done, but they are one of my favorite designs to make now. I finally found the pattern for it in one of the magazines from over 4 years ago. Love it Love it Love it!
_ January - 2007
I am soooo ready to do something new, and since it's a new year and I have been missing doing all my collage and fabric work. I decided to try making fabric beads, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Once I made up the beads this is what they began as...(the little tufts of wool) and then the finished little felt bead balls ready for me to embellish with more beads and crystals. I was amazed at just how easy these were to make. It took a little sudsy and slippery practice, but I finally got the idea down. Once I have them all 'jeweled' up I will post more pics.
Well here is my first batch. The very first ones I did were more freeform until my 'methodical' way of doing things kind of kicked in and the next few had more of a pattern. They were fun to make. I made up some more tonight in olive and rasberry colors. I will post more pictures when I have these joined together with lampwork and decorative beads and string them on cords.
One of my finished products using three shades of purple, rasberry and olive colors of wool. Vicki Cederquist lampwork bead is also on there with some dichroic beads I picked up at Bead Artistry, Fresno.

_ Copyright 2006 Gypsy-Hands

Teeny Beaded Poinsettias
Ok, now I am addicted to these little things. I learned how to do these way back when in Albuquerque many moons ago, and had forgotten I had this pattern. I kind of tweaked them a little to fit my personal taste and have been making them for friends. They are peyote stitch, but I also am doing some with ndebele stitch too. I really love poinsettias! This time of year they have so many colors too...I'm looking for just that right color of coral bead to make another version since I have made up reds and whites.
_ NOVEMBER - 2006
Eye Candy! Yummy!
Small medallions of holiday candies
I'm busy taking photos of some of the new stuff I'm working on..I'll post them asap. My current inspirations are christmas candy...I have made lots of little 'chotchkies' to build into a bracelet. Above is just a small sampling. I will post the finished product later on. Keep checking back. As usual I am the queen of components and that's what I've been working on these days again.


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