We're back from Vegas...Woooowow. We had a fun time! I had not been there in a long time, although Doug had been there a few times the last couple years. It has changed for the better! In between all the shows, and things we did, I took time out to visit a bead store, where I got FANTASTIC DEALS on crystals. 144 pieces of 4mm for 6.99!!!! 6mm at 72 pieces for 9.99 were amazing deals! I was in heaven! The two store owners were so nice, and they gave me a free strand of pearls as well, since this was my first visit into their store! On top of my great deals on crystals, the delicas were only 2.99 for 10 grams !!! I don't think I have ever seen those prices before. They were basic colors yes, but colors I use regularly, so I had to pick up some tubes of those. In addition to those great prices, they offer quantity dollar discounts!!! Amazing!!!

Bead Artistry Trunk Show

Just a note about the trunk show on Saturday. I spent way too much money!! I did plan for it however, because I love Unicorne beads lampwork designs. I got there early, and found quite a few people there hovered around the tables already. I wanted to make sure I got there for 'first picks' of the best they had. I picked up those cuter than cute sea horses. The swirls of colors they use are just so pretty! I also liked their new little triangle 3-d beads. They had an assortment of the famous little goddesses, which I purchased, and lots and lots of sets of great colors of beads. I'm glad they don't have a store here, because I would definitely go broke. I did hear someone comment "I am not paying $20 for two beads!" I guess it depends on how you look at it. Those two beads were large pendant style beads, and as a designer, $10 for a really unique pendant or bracelet center is a bargain if you plan to resell a design. I guess it is all in how you plan to use them. The seahorses were $8 each, I believe, and where in a department store can you find such a unique item hanging on a pretty chain or strand of beadwork for that price? Just an observation which always leads me back to people wanting so much for so little. I am really so so tired of people wanting something for nothing. I am a devoted artists rights activist. Artists spend so much of their precious time, designing, learning their craft (which costs money), hours of painstaking trial, error, and money, only to hear someone say something like that. It irks me.



Maybe these aren't new, but I haven't seen them. I found some really cool bobby pins with a metal attachment that can be used to glue on your own embellishment!!! Way Cool. Jewelart sells these and Merlin had a cute little crystal flower he had made glued to it. I am the queen of components, so this was perfect for all my little doo-dads to make into hair accessories. Check them out!


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