July - 2007
It seems like all the classes I take from Suzette are seasonal Christmas ones. I took the Santa Peyote one from her and she was nice enough to break down the colors one by one and separate them with a space between lines for easier reading and following along. This helps because it is much like a crosstitch pattern. I cannot be interrupted while working on this type of project, but a magnetic board with magnetic place keepers helps immensely to keep track of where you are if you do have to stop. Will post the picture tonight....
September - 2007
Love love love this bracelet. The sample was done in erinite green and topaz which was gorgeous enough, but I decided to do my bracelet with vitrail 8mm cubes, jonquil satin 6mm, and assorted lime, silver shadow and lt. topaz accent crystals. It really looks like a piece for royalty to wear out for the evening. It takes a while to make. Mine took approx 3 1/2 hours with diligence and constant weaving. Weaving this bracelet requires constant reinforcement to make the cubes stand upright and strong within their spaces. It takes a lot of thread and should be worked with the smallest needle and thread size. The teacher who was supposed to teach the class had an emergency and so Stephanie taught it 'off the cuff'. This is a very special piece that is significant in weight because of the 8mm swarovski cubes and over 24 6mm crystals on it. Will post picture soon!!! It was pretty easy to make combining stringing, and weaving.
_ Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!!
December - 2006
I took this tree bracelet class from Suzette LaMar and loved it. As you can see I decided to do another version in size 11's and 15's The photo is a pastel rendition just for effect, but this technique is going to give me lots of ideas for future projects. Thank you Suzette for a great class!
October- 2006
Lovve Looove this class! It was definitely challenging. You have to follow a pattern much like counted cross stitch in order to get this snowflake pattern. I took this class from Suzette once again. She brought come cute little snowflake buttons to use on our clasp side. This bracelet is best when made using delica beads. They join like little zippers, and on your wrist and they flow so nice and light. I used the etched/cut white delicas and alternated with another shiny white for the snowflakes, and for my background I used a combination of two different metallic blues and just randomly used them throughout the bracelet. Takes hours and hours to make, but the finished product is worth the wait. Love it. Thank you Suzette!

May - 2006
A Japanese braiding technique! Using a Kumihimo loom.
What a great class!!! I took a KUMIHIMO Class at Bead Artistry the Saturday before Memorial Day and really enjoyed it. I paid $40 for this class. Lots of fun and quick! I think I should have used weights or something as I did it, because my first necklace came out a bit loose on the finished end. That is a bit tricky when you take off beads and try to tie the ends together, all the while making sure it is tight. But all in all I did like the class. The instructor "Pam" was from out of town so I soaked up what I could while she was here. I took my whole necklace apart and am re-making it again. (I always seem to do that 'cause my first pieces are never up to my expectations in workmanship). I had brought fiber with me, but didn't think I could use it, until after I had made my necklace and the teacher "pam" said yes you could weave it into it. That's my project this use all my cool yarns and fibers within the new necklace and bracelet pieces.
Here is a link with photos of a loom and weaver in the process of doing the circular version
I was intrigued with the way this bracelets base curled around, which is why I wanted to take this class. It has lots of fringe, my favorite technique to do and it works up really pretty quick if you like fringe. The base ended up being just a simple ladder/square stitch type thing, so I enjoyed the class. I had never met "Debbie" the teacher so made a new friend. She is a very patient teacher with new jewelry designers.
I took this bracelet class at Bead Artistry. Stephanie, the owner taught all 10 or more of us this day and it was a fun class! I is made with crystals and faux pearls. Lot's of bling!

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