I now have over 100 patterns I've written over the last few years for instruction!! Some have gone to be published in magazines, but most are from the menagerie of classes which I have taught since 2003.  It is amazing to me, but I have lots of new things coming up for the future as well. CLASSES ARE ON HOLD FOR NOW while I take a mini break.  Classes are all geared for beginners or intermediate.   Advanced classes on request.    If you are in the Fresno/Clovis area, check them out and please also check out my bead store reviews for more information on bead stores information across the country.
What have I been teaching??
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  1. Anonymous4/30/2006

    Sign me up, sign me up...for the butterfly and the patriotic bracelet!! Remember me with the pug puppy? WHEN are the classes exactly?

    Amy B.

  2. Well Hi Amy!!!!! Your little puppy is the cutest thing. I will send you off an email. You gave it to me at the last class we had didn't you?

  3. Anonymous7/17/2006

    I want to sign up for the crystal twist bracelet class, Is it on a Saturday or middle of the week?


  4. Shannon, the Crystal Twist class is on August 5th at 10:30 am at Bead Artistry. They will have a supply list at the store. See you there!!!

  5. lara m.1/03/2007

    Jackie, please let me know when the beaded slider class is. I saw the gorgeous beaded beads you made for steph and penny. They are absolutely stunning. You have my email. thank you, you're the best.


  6. Anne Morrisey1/11/2007

    I love love loved the crystal spiral necklace class. No one in town comes close to even offering the great classes you do. Thank you for your uniqueness, and the level of professionalism you offer in your classes. The projects that I have made all have come out so pretty. Your instructions are so clear and precise as well! You are so very patient with me, and I have to thank you for that also.
    Anne M.

  7. Thank you Anne. Are you coming to any classes in Jan. or Feb.? The crystal spiral was definitely a hit with everyone...it is just an elegant look. I love it as well and always end up making more after seeing the color combinations of students...take care.

  8. Anonymous3/14/2008

    I am exclusively taking classes from you from now on! I hate Beads Etc. Their classes just don't compare to the quality of yours and they only give you an hour of time to finish a project. Besides that, their customer service is awful!! (sorry, to be negative, but it's true)

  9. Lovely bracelets. Do you teach online?
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. Sandy, currently I don't teach online but I definitely have been looking into it. Too much beading and not enough time I guess.
    thanks for stopping by!


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