Scroll down to see What you've missed!!! The year is over, but wait til you see next year, it promises to be even more fun!!!! I have recapped all the fun we've had in our classes throughout this past year. You can win prizes too!! Just see what you can expect in my classes by scrolling down and checking it out! There is something for everyone from beginner to professional beadwork artist



I love love love this bracelet! In this class, students learned how to put components together to make a beautiful (If I do say so myself) antique looking bracelet. Using large 8-10mm crystals or pearls as the focal beads, they carefully wove smaller crystals and pearls around it, to give a piece that treasured vintage feel. Debbie H. ( a regular student) was delighted at how easy these were to work up and complete. The bracelet cannot be finished in a two hour class, however it is so simple, and they had more fun changing up colors to make each component look different, that it is easy to work up at home as well.



November - 2007

In this class students learned to make beaded leaves, a lariat, and the 'lasso' loop on the lariat. Although class was planned as a two hour class, it stretched to a 3 hour to 31/2 hour class because of all of the techniques learned. If you love leaves in the fall, like the students and myself, this is a fun class. Watching everyones leaves shape up and curl in such pretty colors was fun. I think they were impressed with their own work! I had two classes, one on a Saturday and the other on Tuesday. Great Class.



September 8 - 2007

Bead Artistry's 2nd year anniversary was this day and there was a lot going on! My class was held outside along with a few make and take freebie classes which Penny and Suzette helped out with. I love having classes outside when the weather is gorgeous as it was this day. I had a full class and of those one 83 year old student who was inspiring!!! The Victorian bracelet consists of crystals, czech beads, hex cut beads and beading wire. It is a stiff cuff or also can be made into a choker. It works up quickly as everyone found out because the class was only one and half hours long for some. I do try to make sure students know how to read instructions before they leave class so they may make another, however this is challenging when everyone wants 'visual' stimulation. Fun class! Lots of great color choices! Quick, easy, and beautiful results.



August 18 - 2007

In this class everyone learned to make the sparkliest spiral! A basic spiral beading stitch using swarovski crystals becomes the most elegant piece of jewelry. I had someone in this class who had never ever ever beaded before, and she did fantastic! I would say even beginners will be happy taking this class after seeing her progress! Although the class was for a necklace, one or two people wanted to make bracelets. Great class! Elizabeth won the gift after class! It was a crystal spiral key chain!



August 7-2007

I was asked to repeat this class by a group of ladies who set the time and date. Several other people decided to take the class as well. Unfortunately the people who planned this class all cancelled. This didn't matter too much other than I had turned several people away telling them the class was full, so they missed out. I still had a good size class and we all had a good time. There was a very 'newbie' student, who actually did quite well. They all learned the basics of making a ladder and basic brick stitch. This is a fun class to use up odds and ends, and design as you go. It is very freeform when doing the 'streamers' so some people have a little difficulty in doing their own thing without structure. The secret is just to Let Go!!! Be creative!

All in all great class!



July 14- 2007

This class was done for the Christmas in July kick-off at Bead Artistry. We made an earring set and pretty 3-d pendant. If you haven't made snowflakes this is a fun class to take. I had a few beginners (never beaded ever!!) and they did very very well making these cute little sparklers. They were amazed at their own abilities and it was fun watching them get excited as their snowflakes all began to take shape. The Pendant, although more challenging also came out really pretty. A little knowledge of wireworking helps in this class, because we did use jump rings, chains and segments to finish up the earrings. Even though this was an earring/pendant class, these can be made larger or smaller and used in cards, tree trims, or even scrapbooking if wanted. All students completed their projects in class and had plans to make a lot more in the future. Fun Class for the holidays!!!



July 7th and July 10th

Beaded Beads and more beaded beads!!! If you want something different for a design and can't seem to find the right will love this class. Design your own beads! In this class students learned how to make three different beads. This is a beginner to intermediate class. "This is easy" was one comment made by a beginning beadworker. As each student worked they got more excited as they saw their little works of art pop out in their favorite colors. One lady did hers all in shades of whites, silvers for snow at Christmas look, while there were purple/khaki combinations and pale blue/purple combos. Everyones looked uniquely theirs and it seemed they all planned to make lots more! Great Class!!!



June 9-2007

If you want to learn Brick Stitch, this is a great class to begin! I had regular students and one lady today who had never beaded before. The 'beginner' breezed through the class, so that should tell you how easy this pretty bracelet is. The actual 'anchors' which make up the bracelet are what take the least time. This was a free-form design, where students designed as they went along...and the finished jewelry was fantastic. Use up all your old onesy and twosey leftover beads from past projects, (Don't throw them away!!!!!!) , and add special charms, and crystals to make it your own personality!! Great class for beginners or anyone wanting a pretty cuff bracelet.



March 24 - April 7 2007

This class was full, full of fun and intense concentration too!!! Not a beginners class, which I knew from the start would be a challenge for some of my students. Many people think they are not a beginner, but sometimes they need to look at what they have learned in the way of techniques. This class was no exception. It required knowledge of two essential stitches and if you didn't have those stitches in your 'repertoire' then you would be lost the entire class. Fortunately, although a few students were a bit slow to start, it is actually a very easy bracelet to make. Lots of steps to follow and it does require following the pattern to get you started in the first two diamond and medallions. I love this bracelet it is versatile and can be changed up to reflect your own personality using the size beads you like. Great Class!! This will be repeated on the following Saturday as well.



January 25 - 2007

Awesome class. Although this class was full with 8 people, everyone had beaded before. Usually there are one or two 'newbies'. Everyone seemed to breeze along with their projects. As with any beadwork project, a lot depends on the size of your seed beads. Even a size 11 seed bead can vary in size by just a small degree, and instructions work as long as the same exact bead sizes are used, adjustments are inevitable, as was the case in this class. Because there are so many variations in sizes of 6mm, even a 6mm crystal can be such a difference in size from a 6mm pearl, or a 6mm freshwater pearl or even a czech facet etc.. that this project needed to be adjusted to those sizes specifically. NO PROBLEM.. That wasn't much of a problem to fix, however keeping tension tight is essential to this project as well. Everyones beads however came out beautiful in color combinations, and we finished in a little over an hour later. WOW... Stephanie brought out the Silver bracelets that can be used perfectly with these sliders, they have the perfect silver beads on them which act as 'holders' for the slides. Very cool! The pens, letter openers, etc...all work very well with them as well. Great class, great students! Marty won the Valentine prize of the evening.

January - 2007
First Class of the Year!!
Well the first class of the year began with two "newbies" and a full class of 7 students!!! Class was held at BEAD ARTISTRY As always you never know what to expect with students who have never beaded in their life! These two girls were amazing! I think I can safeley say that they actually did better than some people who have beaded for years. It was really fun to listen to their comments when they completed the first little loop in the bracelet and 'exclaimed' "I LOVE IT"...we hadn't even begun and they were both excited at their own abilities. That is what I love about teaching. To see the excitement and good feelings that one gets after achieving such a simple task!! You go girls!!! After the end of the class there were many pretty colors used. Linda always picks very elegant colors using a purple iris/vitrail crystal combination while Mildred used pink and silver. Tanna beaded for years, but this is the very first class she had taken, and I think it may be the first of many, because she's now hooked on the class atmosphere I think. If this is any indication of what the year has to come, then I can't wait for the rest of the year. Mildred won the "project keeper" prize!


  1. Melinda4/17/2007

    Fantastic class! YOu continue to be one of the best teachers in town, if not THE BEST. Thanks for being so patient and your directions are so precise. Hope to take a class soon from you after your trips.

    M. Kearns

  2. LOVE YOUR CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sharla6/13/2007

    We missed you while you were gone! I waited for you to get back before I took another class. Ditto the love your classes comment left previously!! Can't wait for your next class

    sharla T.


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