CLASS RECAPS - 2006- 12/31/06
In this section I like to recap the classes and post photos of class friends, so you can see just all the fun you are missing if you haven't taken a class! You can win prizes too!! It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or professional beader, there is something for everyone! Scroll down to find the class you are interested in, and I will have recaps of what to expect in that class.

This necklace looks harder than it actually is, however it does take a while to get started out as everyone kind of struggled to find their way in the beginning of this necklace. I had 5 students in the morning class, and then a full evening class on Wednesday. As usual however my students are so smart and hung in there 'til they got the pattern down. Once they had it, they were just breezing away making their spirals long and luxurious. Amost finished these in class, just a few little endings to finish up once they got home, so that was pretty darn impressive. There was lots of talk about spines, and tails today! ( Have to take the class to find out what that's all about!! One of those you had to be there kind of things. Anyway...we had lots of fun!! Carol won the Christmas Prize on Tuesday!! Joanne won the Christmas prize on Wednesday evening!!
November - 2006
wow wow wow...I had this class in the day with 4 students which was a nice size class, perfect to give everyone one on one attention. The evening class was another story. 9 students and counting, this class was as full as we could cram everyone in. We did turn away 3 people. Probably due to the fact that it was cancelled last month and rescheduled the crystal waves bracelet was really a challenging class for most of the students. I was surprised at how many people were not familiar with the basic beading stitch which we used to create this awesome bracelet. Waves and waves of seed beads intertwined with sparkles of crystals. Sheri won the Christmas mug gift on Tuesday and Nalla was the big winner of the Christmas mug giveaway on Wednesday evening.
November - 2006
This class had lots of familiar faces as well as new beaders! There were a few people who thought they had the pattern figured out before the class, thinking the entire thing was right angle weave, but they found out there was a really easy and cool shortcut to finish off this crystal ties bracelet. Love this class. Every persons' bracelet was so sparkly and elegant. Good job everyone!
Just a little peek at all the Party atmosphere we had when Bead Artistry had their anniversary sale. There were so many people, the other stores in the shopping center all were wondering what the big "Party" was all about...Lots of food and good company that day! Weather was perfect to sit outside and bead. I met quite a few new people who had never done Herringbone stitch and I think they were surprised at just how easy it was!! They were so proud with their little one inch squares they took home :)
September - Bead Artistry
Sooo Sooo nice to see Linda again. She drove up from Sacramento for the class (I feel special) and brought her husband, the maker of the Kumihimo Loom. I had 6 students and the color combinations were sooo pretty. Lindas' was a really nice beigy brown and Shirley did a pretty topaz combo. Everyones were really really pretty. Suzette likes texture so hers was done with unusual triangles, and spacer beads...Really Nice...Although class was scheduled for two hours, I stayed over past 3 they could get a handle on some spiral issues that were occurring. This is not a beginner class really, but again my students are smart and talented and always come through with the difficulties. Bracelets were not completed in class, because this is an intense beadwork project and not possible to finish in a short time frame. I did have them put on both toggle sides however so they wouldn't have to worry about that once they got home. Intermediate and challenging, but worth the effort once finished I think. Hope they think so too.
Knotted silk with crystals and beaded medallion necklace

SEPTEMBER 30- 2006
wOw............11 people for this class and we had it outside on the patio by the fountain. I love having classes out there, when the weather is perfect and the breeze just flows over you while you bead. This was a huuuuuuuuge class! Class was held at BEAD ARTISTRY. I had to leave early so I got started right away and fortunately my students were as smart as always and quick to learn the basic knotting techniques. There were quite a few people who opted for BIG focal beads which added to the drama of their necklaces....I like seeing the contrast between the large dramatic necklaces and the tiny dainty ones that inevitably are all in one class. They all did fantastic and planned on making more, as was evident by their purchases after the class...Knot just beautiful, but beeeeyoutiful!

AUGUST - 2006
Oh my gosh............the class that got began with a few sign ups and I wasn't sure if people were even interested in knotting...but it all started with a necklace I made for my sister-in-law. Stephanie saw it and asked if I would teach a class in then a slow start up of a class became a class of 10 students, and another class on the way for those unable to get into the first class. Class was held at BEAD ARTISTRY. We had lots of fun...beginners and experienced alike mastered the art of knotting silk and nylon threads to achieve very pretty, bohemian styles, elegant styles, and urban looking pieces. I was amazed at some of the combinations that were made up when they finished the class. All this time, those little 1.25 packages of silk just sitting on the wall waiting to be transformed into beaded creations have now been noticed!! Great class!

Crystal Twist Bracelets
Class held at BEAD ARTISTRY, in the Marks/Bullard fig garden area. I had 10 students for the class so it was a full full house of people! All but maybe 2 or 3 students had not done much 'beadweaving' projects so I knew it would be a challenge especially knowing the stitch we would be learning, so I was careful to have all my diagrams and instructions as easy to follow as possible. I was really proud of every student, because for the beginners, this bracelet was not necessarily easy. After a few of them finished the base piece, and began the embellishments with the crystals, the ooohs and aaahs began coming a little more freely and they all were a little more confident in their abilities at that point. I have to say I was really proud of all of their finished bracelets. There were a lot of really pretty color combos as usual!
Some of the students in the Crystal Pendant DeNeuf Class FUN!!
Crystal Pendant "DeNeuf"
The small pendant which we learned today was a bit deceiving to many. De Neuf meaning "nine" crystal pendant. I heard a few people say that it looked like it was "just like the little right angle weave' crystal balls' which Penny has been making the last couple weeks. Look for the free pattern for crystal balls on this site. In fact it is not made with right angle weave, so many students learned a new technique! I had nine students today, which added to the fun at the bead store, BEAD ARTISTRY. This small pendant technique can be transformed into beaded bead bracelets, lengthened to make full bracelet pieces or made with smaller beads for earrings, so the "wheels began turning" in everyones' heads as we finished up the pendants and the samples were brought out. One person made hers up with black and neon green seed beads which I thought was very pretty and unique.

6 people signed up for the class. I had two people signed up from Lemoore. Each person learned new techniques with wire working and ways to use czech facets to make earrings and pendants. I also taught them a different way to shape a wire to make a pendant or earring focal piece. A complete set of wire working tools was available for anyone who may not have had their own. Awesome! I thought that was fantastic how they provided each person with a nice set of tools. They all finished their projects and were excited to make more once they were home. Class was held at Bella Bead.

April - 2006
Class was held at Bella Bead and was a full class plus one! I had 9 students including Jamie the owner, and I always have to remind myself that what I may think is an easy project might not always be so. This was the case in this class. 90% of the students were not familiar with actual beadweaving so it was a bit challenging in the beginning. Only because I didn't want anyone to get frustrated. I think as the evening went by and we did the second bead and then the third, they all "got it down" and each came away with very nice color combinations and beautiful little gems. In the end they also left smiling and wanting more beaded bead classes, so I have to say I was happy about that. Two ladies who had taken the gregorian cross class said that "this is a piece of cake" compared to that class. It is always hard to judge how people will "absorb" instructions on any given day. What may be hard for one, may be easy for another!

April -2006
Ok, I am continually amazed at how many new beaders there are! In this class the students were pretty much new to beading, but we breezed through the class like pros. Each person finished a completed bracelet project and I think they were amazed at themselves for what they had done. Each combination of colors was unique and very pretty. Purple seemed to be the favorite color of the day! Great Job girls!



I had a full class today, and Penny one of the owners of Bead Artistry joined in as well for the cross class. Penny's cross was done in golden shadow crystals and pinks and pearly seed beads. It was really pretty. One of my students also informed me that the shape of the cross was also used in the Orthodox religion which I didn't know, so that was a nice little tidbit of information. Mary, the lady who told me about this did her cross in pretty black crystals and silver/grey beads. One of my previous students also took the class. Renee had taken my birthstone wheel class way back when I think almost a year ago, so it was very nice to see her again. Her cross came out really nice too. I was very proud of all of them because they were not really advanced beaders and this project is somewhat tricky if you don't bead a lot. They did really well!!!

Class at Bella Bead! It was a large one. They ranged from one lady who never had beaded, to another experienced beader to occasional beaders. I was pleasantly surprised to see past students who I hadn't seen in a long while. Bella Bead is committed to their teachers. They couldn't have been more accomodating to the students and myself. A nice introduction to the students by the owner was very nice and lights were available for each person if you need one which I thought was very nice. Plenty of room and table space. Everyones cross came out very pretty and the inexperienced beader "Monica" went home with a very nice piece which you would never know she hadn't beaded much. I think she did very well. The class took almost exactly 2 hours. I'm looking forward to my next class!!!


February Class
February Class was fun! A perfect size class with 4 students, each created the prettiest version of the cross. Marty used shades of silvery blue and silver, Kathryn used pretty lilacs and purple, and Kathy who originally didn't like the sample ended up taking the class and making a pretty white and pink version. This class took about 2 hours or so and a knowledge of basic stitch techniques is helpful but not necessary. Kathryn expressed interest in an element I had designed and used in my sample necklace. I will have it as a special class in the near future.


The last class of the month, and I loved the colors chosen for some of the bracelets we did tonight. One of my regular students decided to do the bracelet with red and blue beads and crystal clear swarovski crystals. It was really pretty and unusual. First time anyone has used two tone beads in this bracelet. Very Patriotic looking!! Tanzanite and elegant black/black diamond combos were also made up with really nice results.

This class was another full one! Five people signed up and came, and three more wanted to take the class. Class took place at Bead Artistry. I love their classroom. For many reasons it is perfect for teaching. A friendly face from the bead society came to learn the bracelet and that was nice to see her again. There were beginner and advanced beaders in class. Each person completed their project in class and I think that made a few of them very happy, because many times projects are too time consuming for a two hour time frame and it's necessary to finish them at home. As usual the color combinations were spectacular!! They ranged from pink/gold, to black/black diamond, and blue/blue iris combinations. Many people were unable to take Saturdays class, so we will definitely have this class at a later date.___
I had 10 people over for this class! A mini workshop and it was so fun. Only two of the people were newbies to beading and they are now hooked I think. A womens club driving from 40 or so miles away, we have been trying to schedule this for a long time to accomodate everyoneswork schedules. Fortunately this day was sunny and nice, so we sat outside in two tables overlooking the lake which added a really nice feel and ambience for the days class. Sarah made a pretty turq/crystal which I think I am going to make for myself. The colors were spectacular. Amy's was a black on black and very elegant looking. The day was perfect for beading We are already planning another workshop for June.


  1. Anonymous4/18/2006

    Hi Jackie, I just wanted to say the class I took was wonderful! I was way proud of myself! You are a very patient person and I enjoyed it very much. Hope to take another of your classes soon.
    Marie L.

  2. Anonymous5/12/2006

    Love your classes! Just wanted to tell you that! I look forward to seeing what you will come up with next.
    Jean L.

  3. Anonymous8/07/2006

    Jacque, You taught me the right angle weave!!! No one else has been able to do that...Nice going and what an awesome teacher you are! Looking forward to more classes with you!

    Leila W.

  4. Anonymous8/07/2006 classes...see you in September for the knot class.

    Shaun R.

  5. Great time Sat. You taught me the right angle weave which I've been trying to learn for over a year now. Thank you. Oh, and I made another braclet on Sunday...pretty!

  6. Leila and Rene....Hi!!! Sooo proud that you learned the RAW. Sometimes it just takes all the elements to finally "click" on that "aha" moment. And Rene, glad you made up another bracelet right away, so for sure you've got it down...AWESOME! Take care!


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