_ I am way into medallions these days. It seems everything I make is medallion themed. I see them in my dreams and I have come up with three or four new designs of my own. I guess I like them because they are so versatile, compact, easy to take with me when I bead and storage is a breeze. I am the component queen. Love making lots of components and then I gather all my little bead gems and sew them all together to make one larger piece. Components are quick and I can make them while I sit in front of the tv, sitting outside in the breeze or wherever I choose. I will post some of my most recent ones as I finish them.

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  1. Anonymous6/13/2006

    Wow, these are cool. Just checked this morning and you must have just put them up. Soo pretty. I am now inspired.
    Beadstore Diva

  2. Anonymous6/13/2006

    You continually amaze me. These are just awesome. Are you teaching any of them?

    Mary C.

  3. I am having fun designing lots of medallions, but don't have any plans to teach them just yet. I'm accumulating a rather large collection of styles I will add, because I looove making them!

  4. As usual, you are just so creative in everything you do. Where do you get all that creative juice? I want to buy some NOW!


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