" MOMS PEARLS" is a design I did as a special order for a local mans' wife for a birthday present,
I originally made this design for my mother.
"LITTLE POUCH" 2006 - beaded bag in peyote, and herringbone, fringe techniques with beaded button

"PLUM ODYSSEY" 2007 - is a design from a magazine using peyote and herringbone stitches
CHRISTMAS BEADED BEADS - 2006- This was a fun design to come up with, and I have had lots of successful classes with it.

Jack Kalpakoff made these for me when I showed him some pretty flowers beads I wanted for a bracelet. These glass flowers are what he came up with for my fringed bracelet.

Diamond Peyote Bracelet

The pieces in my gallery are only a very small portion of recent jewelry pieces I have been working on. They represent my growth as an artist and my abilities as teacher and designer. I have taken classes with and learned techniques from national teachers like Paula Walter, Leslie Frazier, Tracy List, River Rose, Marcia DeCoster, and Laura McCabe, as well as basic techniques at local bead stores where I have lived in many cities across the US as well as Europe. Living in and around Santa Fe and Albuquerque, where art galleries and beadwork is on every corner, had quite a lot of influence on my style. I have taught myself many techniques by reading through books and jewelry design literature. Although I enjoy creating art in every form, from collages, papercrafts, painting, and general crafting, jewelrymaking has always been a 'constant' passion, and has been for over 20 years now. I love working with beaded beads, small components and then combining them with silver findings. I also enjoy working with wire and I become obsessesed with one or two techniques at a time, get bored with them or just plain wear them out, and go on to new techniques. This keeps me forever busy and looking for new ways to integrate all that I have learned for new and fresh designs.

Little Pea Pod Pendant, basically peyote variation


Original netted Bracelet Design by Jacquie Carlson
Original Bubble Beads bracelet designs by Jacquie Carlson, as seen in the "Bead Bugle" magazine.

An original beaded bead bracelet design in jade and purple seed beads, by Jacquie Carlson.

My take on a bracelet design by Kate Mckinnon

Purple and Brass seed beads shape this cross bracelet I designed in 2006

Bracelet/anklet design made in a class with Marcia DeCoster. This is my version of her design.

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