This jewelry is not new, but evil eye jewelry or beads are said to protect oneself from an envious look cast your way. An ancient superstition from Arabia, Turkey, India, and Morocco, the belief is that even a well intentioned compliment or envious look can direct negative or bad energy your way. Wearing the evil eye protects oneself against those energies. The Blue color is one of the most powerful of the colors. Hang one at the entrance of your house, on a handbag, wrist or neck for protection.

Connemara Marble is found in the wild remote areas of Ireland. It is a light to medium shade to dark green with an olive tone to it. It also has pearly white marble shades in it, I searched literally the globe to find a particular shape of this stone to make my niece a rosary for her wedding. She had wanted a barrel shape and they were no where to be found. I found some connemara marble from a vendor in Ireland on of all places, Ebay. I guess you can find anything there thankfully! I had some green garnet stones which look very similar and combined those with the Connemara Marble stones for an Irish Penal Rosary.

A beautiful natural semi-precious stone, with bands of green, purple, white, and yellow. You may see it in green marblelike shades, it is a healing gem. It has the ability to direct human energy toward health. Gem therapists say that when placed on a clients' bodies it will fracture from energy absorption and surges. Fluorite is good for purging colds, flu, fever or infection. Good for replacing stressful emotional states with mental clarity, compatibility and discernment. Place the gem in a glass of distilled water, by a bed or desk, to amplifiy its spiritual signature: Purity and Universal order in all things.



FOUND FOUND FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to "X" for finding my bracelets. Although missing for almost a year, amazingly they have turned up, and I picked them up a few weeks ago. They are safe and sound again with me.

These items were to be raffled off for charity, at the CCBS Bead Show, but had been missing.


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