Central California Bead Society
Central California Bead Society
Central California Bead Society
Central California Bead Society
Annual Bead show is always in September

9am to 5pm
Fresno, California
Shaw and Hwy 41 Ramada Inn

I came late to the bead show this year, and the parking lot wasn't too full, I noticed there didn't seem to be as many vendors, or at least there were different ones and some missing. Vickie Cederquist is always a welcome sight...she is so nice and her beads are sooo pretty. I also enjoy seeing Janet Farris, who is a very talented artist in many dimensions. She had lots of good fused glass pieces as well as some pmc pieces that were really pretty. I wish she would teach more classes here locally. I also picked up lots of kits from Melanie Potter. She will be teaching in January so hopefully I can make that class. I brought along many of my clay faces for Suzette and Stephanie the owner of Bead Artistry and also a member of the Bead Society, to see since the October program will feature a beaded pin pattern I will teach, and it requires a little head for it. We all went out for lunch after the show with Carol too!

Pictured are some of my items at the 2005 bead show
Bead Stores I have reviewed
Locally and across the U.S.

Beaded people pins - Program at the Bead Society Meeting October 21

I will be teaching a Beaded Doll Pin at the October Bead Society Meeting. _
Two colors delicas or seed beads, left and right hand charms, face charm/button, assorted bead soup and charms for dangles, needle, thread, scissors, pin back, e6000 glue


May 29, 2006
Not sure how to place a crimp and make it work on a bracelet or necklace? Here is a nice tutorial


I Love Crosses, and almost every technique I learn leads to some type of cross design in the end.



Awesome Dichroic Glass Pendant looks like it has a Jellyfish floating within the pretty dark cobalt blue glass. I loved this right away. I purchased it in a Newport, Oregon beach front shop.
Love this glass bead Mermaid Goddess pendant! I found it in a shop in Newport, Oregon
Daisy and Rascal Beads
From Russia with Love
These are some special order beads I had made by a bead maker/designer, named Vyacheslav Popov from Russia. I sent her lots of photos of my two little ones from every angle and this is the result. When I ordered them, I thought they would be much smaller, like beads, but they are actually small sculptures which are about 3-4 inches across and two inches high. Since I love my little "bugs" I was happy with anything resembling them. She did an amazing job of sculpting their likenesses in glass! I will always treasure these little sculpture/beads of Daisy and Rascal


Day Trip To The Spirited Bead - Klew bead assortment.

If I didn't know it already, I am convinced now. My husband is the best husband in the world. He was going on a trip to Tehachapi, Ca. and I asked him to please indulge me in going to Karen Lewis' store there. I had a photo of a bead I wanted him to pick up. If your husband is like mine, that is the farthest thing in the world that he would ever plan to do. He has absolutely no interest in going into a bead store. EVER . His interests are more in the financial and business realms. I had planned to go on the trip with him, but I had prior commitments and will go next time. (Check for it in my bead store reviews) He did meet Karen the owner and they 'chatted". He said she was a very nice lady who's store "would be heaven to you" . I asked him to please pick up a copy of one of her polymer videos and he came home with two of them, so I am a happy happy camper right now.

From the photos in the magazines and here you just can't tell how pretty these leaf beads are. These are favorites of mine now and I have quite a few ideas of how to incorporate them into some jewelry. The "barrel" beads were the beads I asked Doug to purchase for me and although I asked him to buy me one pretty one, because these are a little pricey, he came home with 3 absolutely gorgeous ones that are my favorites.

Doug picked these out himself. I really like these. The detail in the piecework on the beads is just beautiful.



This jewelry is not new, but evil eye jewelry or beads are said to protect oneself from an envious look cast your way. An ancient superstition from Arabia, Turkey, India, and Morocco, the belief is that even a well intentioned compliment or envious look can direct negative or bad energy your way. Wearing the evil eye protects oneself against those energies. The Blue color is one of the most powerful of the colors. Hang one at the entrance of your house, on a handbag, wrist or neck for protection.

Connemara Marble is found in the wild remote areas of Ireland. It is a light to medium shade to dark green with an olive tone to it. It also has pearly white marble shades in it, I searched literally the globe to find a particular shape of this stone to make my niece a rosary for her wedding. She had wanted a barrel shape and they were no where to be found. I found some connemara marble from a vendor in Ireland on of all places, Ebay. I guess you can find anything there thankfully! I had some green garnet stones which look very similar and combined those with the Connemara Marble stones for an Irish Penal Rosary.

A beautiful natural semi-precious stone, with bands of green, purple, white, and yellow. You may see it in green marblelike shades, it is a healing gem. It has the ability to direct human energy toward health. Gem therapists say that when placed on a clients' bodies it will fracture from energy absorption and surges. Fluorite is good for purging colds, flu, fever or infection. Good for replacing stressful emotional states with mental clarity, compatibility and discernment. Place the gem in a glass of distilled water, by a bed or desk, to amplifiy its spiritual signature: Purity and Universal order in all things.



FOUND FOUND FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to "X" for finding my bracelets. Although missing for almost a year, amazingly they have turned up, and I picked them up a few weeks ago. They are safe and sound again with me.

These items were to be raffled off for charity, at the CCBS Bead Show, but had been missing.


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