Paper Ornaments

Playing with beads, playing with beads...oops,,,no not this time, I'm playing with paper! Really? There's more to life than beads?? Yes..Virginia there is.   I needed to make something flat I could put in with my Christmas cards this year.  I decided on paper ornaments. Tea folds are perfect..  They are quick and simple and  I made mine sitting in front of the tv between my beading projects. There are all sorts of tea folds and when put together they make flat kaleidoscope designs.  All this with little pieces of paper.  I went crazy in the 90's making all sorts of tea fold designs for my scrapbook pages.
 Have you ever heard of tea folding?  Tea folding papers is an old art form.  It is also known as miniature kaleidoscope origami and it used to be made with old tea bags.  The originator was Tiny Van der Plaas of Holland.  Tiny needed something for a birthday card so she thought and folded her tea bag and folded some more and voila..she came up with amazing folds with tea bags to put on the front of her birthday cards.  I'm thinking Tiny drank lots of tea. Tea bag folding became hugely popular again when the scrapbooking bug hit in the last decade. If you want to know more about tea folding here is a link with a basic tea fold.  There are lots of books on tea folding too.  Notably Suzanne McNeill, the queen of crafts has a few. The bug will hit you trust me especially if you have lots of paper hanging around.  You can tea fold with anything and you can come up with your own shapes to tea fold and make into ornaments.

Martha Stewart makes papers that have two color sides..yippee.  Thank you Martha, I searched everywhere to find two sided designed paper. For the centers of the designs, peruse the local Michaels scrapbook sticker aisle...lots of goodies there. Special thanks to Melissa Samuels too who had a posting on her blog reminding me of how much fun this artform is. 


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